Russian Anti-Gay Extremist Sentenced


Maxim Martskinkevich, the leader of the notorious Russian anti-gay group ‘Occupy Pedophilia’, has been sentenced to five years in prison – but the charges were not for his persecution of gay men.


The Russian media personality and businessman, also known by the nicknames ‘Machete’ and ‘Cleaver’, was instead sentenced for posting racist videos on social media website VK.

It is not the first time Martskinkevich has spent time in a Russian prison, having previously been convicted for extremist activity, according to LGBTQ Nation.

The 30 year-old and his group are known to have entrapped young gay men online by posing as gay teens and later putting them through ‘homophobic ordeals’, which they would film and post on the internet on video sharing sites such as YouTube in order to humiliate their victims.

Humiliating: 'Machete' shaves and paints rainbows on to the heads of his video victims
Humiliating: ‘Machete’ shaves and paints rainbows on to the heads of his video victims

In one of the videos, Martskinkevich is seen shaving the head of one of his victims into a Mohawk style and paining rainbow flags in the shaven areas, as well as forcing the victims to perform sex acts with objects and pouring urine on them.

A further nine members of the gang have also been arrested and are awaiting trial regarding their harassment of gay men. The men have been charged with organising an extremist group, acts of violence, making death threats, robbery and inflicting bodily harm.

All nine men will face a court in the Kamensk-Uralsky region in September.

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