Russian LGBT+ activist charged under homosexual propaganda laws

Alexander Yubors organised and attended many public demonstrations advocating for LGBT+ rights and the reformation of discriminatory laws.

Russian LGBT+ activist charged under homosexual propaganda laws.

A statement by the Russian LGBT Network has said that Alexander Yubors (Salnikov) was charged with “propaganda of homosexuality among minors,” on July 1.

Over the past decade, Russian courts have either banned LGBT+ events or backtracked on earlier promises to allow them, citing a 2013 law banning “homosexual propaganda” among minors.

The statement proceeds to say that Russian police had originally hoped to prosecute Alexander for organising an illegal march, however, he received a summons to appear before the Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of  the Kirovskiy district in Yaroslavl under article 6.21 of the Administrative Code: “Propaganda of non-traditional homosexual relations.”

Alexander is the leader of the Yaroslavl “Callisto” LGBT+ group, which is a part of the Russian LGBT Network. He has organised and been a part of many public demonstrations advocating for LGBT+ rights in Russia. The Russian LGBT network has provided him with a lawyer in court.

The members of the LGBT movement "Callisto" were charged with breaking the "gay propaganda law" for thier public…

Posted by Russian LGBT Network on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The activist released a statement through the Russian LGBT network’s website:

“This case has no precedent in Yaroslavl. We, “Callisto” LGBT movement, consider the article 6.21 of the Administrative Code to be unconstitutional that violates human rights, and we advocate for its abolition because its main purpose is to pressure a minority that is objectionable to the government. We’re not scared of any protocols. We will continue to advocate for and defend the rights of LGBT people.”

Last year the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russian courts were in violation of the freedom of assembly rights of sexual minorities by rejecting gay pride events applications. Currently, in Russia homosexual propaganda laws cover anything regarded by authorities as an attempt to promote homosexuality to minors, it has also been used to stop Pride events, public talks and forms of activism.

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