Sally Field Is "Horrified" That Parents Would Disapprove Of Gay Children


Veteran actress Sally Field says she is “horrified” by parents who disapprove of their children being gay.


Speaking to SiriusXM this week, former Human Rights Campaign Ally Award winner and LGBT advocate Sally Field spoke about being a parent of gay child – and urged other parents to accept their children regardless of their sexual orientation.

Field’s son Sam came out at 20, and she has been his biggest supporter ever since. Speaking from experience, she had some advice for other parents who might have gay children.

“First of all, don’t be frightened. And don’t put your own prejudices or fears about sexuality — your own fears about sexuality – on your children. Sexuality is a human glorious part of existence,” she said.

“What horrifies me is that there are parents who so disapprove, who are so brainwashed to think that this is something out of the Bible or ungodly or against nature.

“It’s not against nature if nature has actually done this. Sam was always Sam, this wonderful human that he is, from the time he was born. … Some people actually shut their children out of the house when they’re young, they’re teenagers – they’re having a hard enough time to be teenagers and own any part of sexuality. I’m still trying to figure it out!”



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