Saulo Sarmiento Knows How To Grip A Pole

Saulo Sarmiento in his blazer on the left, and running toward the pole on the right

Canarian Saulo Sarmiento showed the Britain’s Got Talent judges he can work a pole

Saul Sarmiento walked out on the Britain’s Got Talent stage wearing a blazer, which he quickly discarded revealing his impeccably chiseled torso to rapturous applause from the crowd.

David Walliams and his female co-hosts were gagging from the minute Saulo walked out, but tough man Simon Cowell did not seem too impressed at first. The Canarian began to perform incredible acrobatics on a pole which was secured from the ceiling, and at the end of his performance to the song Simon was the first judge on his feet in a full standing ovation.

Watch Saulo Sarmiento’s full pole-dancing performance below.



Here’s hoping that we get to see more of Saulo Sarmiento, the athletic, pole-dancing Canarian!

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