The Seven Deadly Sins of Grindr


Chatting and hooking up on Grindr is not without its pitfalls. Alan Finnegan is here with some salient advice about how to avoid the seven deadly sins.



Grindr has the ability to multiply your lust by 100 percent. How can you resist it when you have a catalogue of hot guys at your disposal? It just takes a simple chat with a handsome stranger to amplify your sexual cravings tenfold.

All it takes is for you is to share your location, unlock your door and run into the arms of your Grindr hook-up.



Remember, though, to keep your wits about you while chatting on your app. Being horny can sometimes make you think less with your brains and more with your dick. Be sensible out there!



You may casually check your Grindr hourly and think nothing of it. This compulsion to see what new hot men are available to chat with can have his downsides, though. It can stop you from actively going out into the real world to find yourself a boyfriend.

Remember there are gay boys out there that don’t have Grindr. Who knows what, or who you are missing out on.

Overindulging in Grindr also gives off a bad impression with guys approaching you. If you have your face stuck to a screen on a night, you’re hardly saying ‘come get me’.




So many guys, so little time! On Grindr it’s hard to stop yourself from talking to more than one guy. You become a master multi-tasker.



It can be fun meeting and chatting with loads of guys, but in the long run it could end up hindering you. How can you realistically make a connection if you’re mixing up names and random facts about the guys you’re chatting to? You can easily mess things up with a good guy just because you were too focused on keeping up with all your Grindr chat.



Online dating can be considered a lazy version of meeting new people, and when you see certain profiles you can understand why that perception exists. Sloth is personified on Grindr when a profile has absolutely no information on it. No photo, no description, no account name… nothing.

Grindr is a dating app. The aim of the app is to share information about yourself in order to meet other guys. A blank profile defeats the whole purpose.

Be active on Grindr and show that in some ways you willing to share information about yourself. Everybody loves a trier!



The one thing to remember about Grindr is that you shouldn’t take things so personally. With all the blank responses, blocking and rude behaviour, it can be easy to loose your head and start venting.



Getting angry gets you nowhere. You don’t need to make enemies with complete strangers.




Grindr can feel very competitive at times. You need to have a sexy, intriguing profile picture to lure them in, an interesting description to peak their interest, and some extra photos of yourself to peak some more. So, when you see your account amongst profiles of sculpted gods, it’s easy to feel envious and just a tad inferior.



Don’t get jealous; get creative! Show some of your personality in your profile photo and catch the eye of a guy who will appreciate what you have to offer. Knowing you hooked a guy without the need of a raunchy picture is good for the ego.



While on Grindr you can easily get a little bit full of yourself. You have a fabulous profile picture, you have men chatting to you right, left and centre. So why can’t you get a lil’ sassy and tell those less attractive people why they aren’t worthy of your time?


Well nobody likes a bitch and the gay scene is very small. It is easy to forget that you could easily bump into these people in public. It would be hard to feel proud of yourself when people start finding out how full of yourself you can be on Grindr.



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