ShoutOut Are Bringing Their Queer Lingo Workshop To A Town Near You

ShoutOut is hitting the road to educate teachers, social workers, youth workers, parents/guardians about the ABCs of LGBT!

Photo of ShoutOut Sub-Committee

ShoutOut has teamed up with Cork Gay Project, Bi+ Ireland, Teach Solais, 8 Ray Leitrim and Donegal Youth Service to host free workshops all around the country!

The aim of the workshop to help people comfortable with talking about LGBTQIA identities, because if you’re not in the community all the lingo can seem daunting!

We’re sure our readers have the ABCs of LGBT down but maybe you know someone who would benefit from this event.

Managing Director of ShoutOut, Bella Fitzpatrick said:

“Parents, guardians, youth workers, teachers etc often feel overwhelmed by the new lingo when it comes to queer identities. They feel afraid to have these conversations with the young people in their lives.

“But there’s nothing to fear! We’ll take them on a journey of queer identities and what it really means to be LGBTQIA+ in modern day Ireland, and how to be a good ally. This event is for anyone who wants to learn! Even LGBTQIA+ people, because ultimately we’re all allies to the letters that don’t describe us.”


Here’s what folk have said about our ABCs of LGBT talk:

“The approach was one that I found to be completely engaging and very different. The interaction and responsiveness of the facilitator were fantastic. I would highly recommend this”

“I wanted to understand better, which I now do and I wanted guidance on how to treat trans students, which I do. 10/10”

“The course is excellent, I would highly recommend it to anybody ”

Sometimes, the terminology means many teachers, parents/guardians, youth workers and social workers just avoid talking about these issues because they are afraid of making a mistake.

We want to support these people so they can feel confident about talking about queer identities.

Here are the events for each leg of the journey:

Cork –>
Limerick –>
Galway –>
Leitrim –>
Donegal –>

Share the event with someone you think could benefit from this event.

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