Simpsons Writer Pens Smithers Episode for Gay Son


A Simpsons writer has revealed that he wrote an upcoming episode – in which Smithers finally comes out – in support of his own gay son.


“I am a Midwestern guy, so I don’t tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve, but I thought, ‘What better way to tell my son I love him than to write a cartoon about it’?” show writer Rob LaZebnik told The New York Post.

LaZebnik’s son Johnny, a student, said that his father has always been supportive of him and often seeks his advice on gay issues. “He once sent me an e-mail, and the header was just ‘How does Grindr work?’ ” he told the Post.

“I screenshotted and Instagrammed it and sent it to all my gay friends because it made me laugh so much.”

In the upcoming episode (titled ‘The Burns Cage’), Waylon Smithers finally realises that his love for Mr Burns will remain forever unrequited which leads him – with Homer’s help – to explore other romantic options. Meanwhile, after Bart orchestrates the removal of the lead in the school’s stage production of “Casablanca,” Milhouse serves as a terrible understudy, which frustrates his co-star, Lisa.

Smithers, Moe and Tom of Shelbyville, a Tom of Finland reference

Of course, eagle-eyed Simpsons’ fans will know that Smithers has sort-of been out for ages, with dozens of references to his love for Mr Burns as well as his passion for collecting Malibu Stacy dolls. In the season twenty episode ‘Flaming Moe’, Smithers and Moe give Moe’s Tavern a LGBT make-over (calling it Mo’s), complete with Tom of Shelbyville artwork.

The episode airs in the US on Sunday, April 3, and will be broadcast on Sky 1 on later this month

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