Sinead O'Connor Wants To Gift Her Gorgeous Clothing To Trans Youth

Sinead O'Connor singing in front of a black background, the same woman who plans to give 30 years of gorgeous clothing to trans youth in Ireland

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor intends to donate a lifetime’s worth of clothing to trans youth


Sinead O’Connor has recently announced that she plans to give “30 yrs [sic] worth of gorgeous […] clothing” to trans youth following a move from Ireland to the US.

O’Connor, indicated that a recent gain in weight and subsequent increase in clothing size has led her to give “30 yrs worth of gorgeous and ordinary clothing” to an Irish organisation that helps trans women to “enjoy being female.”

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer also attributed a lack os sexual desire to her philanthropic donation of clothing, linking her music video ‘I am Enough for Myself’ alongside the post.

“This is a message for Ireland’s transgender youth,” O’Connor wrote in a Facebook post.

“I have recently relocated from Ireland to America as has my size from ten to somewhere between twelve and thirteen. As has any desire I ever had to be porked, to outer space.

“Therefore I wish to donate my 30 yrs worth of gorgeous and ordinary clothing and (unused) make-up to an Irish organisation which provides clothing and make up for those youth (over 16) born ‘legally’ male who wish to enjoy being female.

To the best of her knowledge, there is no such organisation, the singer revealed. However, she hoped that by posting publicly on Facebook someone could inform her of such an organisation.



“But I know not of such an organisation in Ireland. If there is one, could someone post it’s contact info here Please?”

“If not, can we discuss over the course of time, the need for ‘Clothes Libraries’ in Ireland for such youth,” she said.

“Also for those born ‘legally’ female who wish to enjoy being male. There’s an awful lot of clothing all over the world going to waste.”

One respondent highlighted TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland) as a possible organisation to donate the clothing and make-up to.

TENI CEO Broden Giambrone recently stepped down from his role after six years. The trans organisation continues to seek a replacement for Giambrone who was heralded a “visionary leader”.

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