Jack O'Rourke Releases New Video For 'On The Downlow'

Jack O'Rourke in his new music video for 'On The Downlow'

In Jack O’Rourke’s newest video for ‘On The Downlow’, the publicly out singer broaches the topics of masculinity and internalised homophobia


Ahead of his gig on October 15 in The Everyman in Cork, Jack O’Rourke has released a new music video for ‘On The Downlow’, the first single from his critically acclaimed debut album, Dreamcatcher, which is now available in stores and digitally.

Tony Clayton-Lea from the Irish Times praised the song’s “nifty” lyrics and said that the while O’Rourkes debut album “has its share” of sombre tracks, he is broader in musical range than might be expected.

“A seriously good album from a seriously good songwriter,” Clayton-Lea wrote, giving the album a 4/5.


The Song

“‘On The Download’ blends baroque pop with a Leonard Cohenesque lament of a relationship turned sour,” said a spokesperson for O’Rourke said.

“The song’s pulsating drums, melodic hooks and the humour in the lyrics, allow bittersweet melancholy to blend with dance rhythms.

In the chorus, O’Rourke sings “strutting around, love out of bounds, I’m in a different tune, but you on the downlow.”

Being on the downlow, or ‘on the DL’ as it is commonly referred to, refers to men who don’t identify as gay or bisexual but who do sleep with other men secretly.

“‘On The Downlow’s sense of melody has links to The National and an uptempo John Grant,” said the spokesperson.

“Jack’s low baritone, drenched in harmony ignites in the chorus. When arranging ‘On The Downlow’ with producer Christian Best, O’Rourke said ‘I wanted to create an updated version of ‘I Drove All Night’-era Roy Orbison'”.


The Video

The video shows Jack O’Rourke and two dancers inside a studio, alongside mannequins dressed in traditionally masculine and feminine clothing with the male mannequin seated, and facing away from the female one.

The dancers perform choreography in unison while Jack sits on a chair, singing.

Starring Philip O’Callaghan and Lisa Hayes as the two dancers and with choreography from Megan Blythe, the music video was directed by Barra Vernon.

Check out the song and it’s video below:




Jack O’Rourke plays The Everyman in Cork at 8pm on October 15 2016. Tickets for the show can be purchased here.

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