Smith: I'm No Spokesman


Sam Smith has told Digital Spy “I’m not trying to be a spokesperson – I’m really just trying to live my life and write music about it.”

Speaking in an interview with pop culture site Digital Spy about the recent revelation about the subject of the album – his unrequited love for a heterosexual man – Smith admitted he was initially apprehensive.

“We are, as a society… people think it’s okay, but it’s not all okay. Equality is so far from where it should be, so I was worried. I didn’t give the public enough credit.

“I am just so proud of how people haven’t reacted,” Smith continued.

Sam Smith
Smith’s debut studio album, In the Lonely Hour, was released in May 2014

“People really just don’t give a s**t. The success in America is still happening even though I’ve talked about it. I feel like it’s a step forward – we’re in uncharted territory at the moment where you say it before an album and it’s all natural and okay. It’s great.”

When the interviewer said that they felt that Smith’s music has completely transcended the admission, he responded, “It’s because I’m not trying to be a spokesperson.

“It sounds awful of me,” he continued, “but I’m really just trying to live my life and write music about it. That’s what I do. I’m not trying to heal the world. From a young age I’ve always been like this, so it’s been normal. My family and friends have made it feel normal and I’m not going to stop that now.”

Smith also teased fans about his next single release. “We’ve got one more song to release.

“I can’t say what it is, but again, it will not be what people expect.”

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