Speakers Unicorner will gather to voice anger at Gardai inaction to hate speech on Dublin streets

Speakers Unicorner is also calling on the Government and social media companies to stop the platforming of hate speech on Dublin's streets as well as online.

Speakers Unicorner

Protesters with the group ‘Speakers Unicorner’ will gather at Irishtown Garda Station this Saturday, August 10. They intend to “vocalise our anger at the Gardaí’s inaction against the ongoing open incitement to hatred taking place on the streets of Dublin”.

The group emerged on July 26 to counter O’Doherty’s demonstrations.

O’Doherty’s demonstrations have gone into their fifth week. Panti Bliss and other LGBT+ activists came out to block her from Google HQ during earlier demonstrations. This latest protest from Speakers Unicorner is part of the ongoing efforts to stand up to the hate speech.

On the protest’s Facebook event, they stated the action they are hoping to see as a result:

“We intend then to move to Barrow Street for approximately 3 pm to stand up in numbers to the racists and fascists who have been ensconced there for weeks and to stop their spreading of hate on our streets.

“We will demand of the social media companies (who are headquartered locally) that they end the platforming of the far-right white supremacist organisers and haters associated with ACI.

“We also will call on our government to take effective action and immediately address the wilful fuelling of racism and hate by groups like ACI, The National Party and IREXIT. Their rhetoric is already having a dangerous impact in communities around the country.

“We call on unions, political representatives, campaign groups and other political groupings to mobilise for this event. The time to stop the far-right from gaining any more traction in our society and communities is NOW.

“We know their rhetoric leads only to division within communities and to hate-filled violence and murder. Let’s not stand back and allow that to happen any more than it already has here in Ireland.

“Join us this Saturday to stop the rise of this politics of hate. Let’s do so in solidarity with all who have been affected by it internationally and who are also resisting in the U.S., the U.K, in Europe and beyond.”

To find out more about the event, see Facebook.

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