One of The Original X-Men Has Come Out


One of the original X-Men in the popular Marvel franchise has just revealed that he is gay in leaked pages from the upcoming issue, ‘All-New X-Men #40′.


Pages of tomorrow’s (Wednesday) All-New X-Men #40 have leaked online, revealing one of the original five team members to be gay. Though it has long been rumoured that this character enjoys male folk, finally Ice Man aka Bobby Drake (portrayed by Shawn Ashmore in the big screen adaptations) has come out.

After some gentle persuasion from psychic Jean Grey, of course.

The current writer Brian Michael Bendis tells the story of young versions of the original five X-Men (Ice Man, Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Jean Grey) displaced in time and fighting present-day battles. Ice Man’s sexuality was revealed by Jean Grey, whose telepathic powers allowed her to hear his innermost thoughts. She calls him out on his flirtatious behaviour towards his female team members, knowing that he partakes in it to overcompensate for his own feelings.

However, the two characters also discuss how his future counterpart is straight, leading some to wonder if this will be a ‘phase’ for the character.Fingers crossed that won’t happen.

Check out the leaked pages below.




All-New X-Men #40 is out Wednesday, April 22.

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