Stars Of The Heart-Warming Dublin Bus 'Proud Dads' Video Tell Us What The Experience Meant For Them

The video features some of Ireland's proudest Dads showing their support for their sons and daughters as they surprise them and celebrate Pride together with thanks to Dublin Bus.


Yesterday Dublin Bus, produced by Rothco, a video that has left not a dry eye in the office. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop everything you’re doing, make sure you have the tissues close by and give it a watch.

The video has had quite an impact on people who were really moved by the #ProudDads.

We wanted to know what it was like for the stars of the video being surprised by their Dads on Pride. Here’s what they had to say about the experience.


Davy, John and Pat

Davy, who is pictured above on the right, said that the experience shared with him something he never knew he needed.

“I absolutely love my dad. And I’ve never doubted that he loves me. But hearing dad casually talking about how much he loves me and how proud is of me (and my brother) tapped into something I’d never known I needed to hear.

“I think the video resonates so massively for people as it isn’t your usual story. Often father’s are portrayed as the silent/more conservative parent. We never see Irish men/dad’s talking about their emotions.

“To see Irish dad’s doing just that, and knocking it out of the park in rainbow suits and suspenders shows a narrative often overlooked. Ireland really has changed. I think that’s why this video, in particular, is so powerful.

“Waking up on the morning of pride to a knock on the door and my dad standing there, in full pride rig-out, blew me away. I’ve been so lucky. My coming out was easier than most as my older brother had done so before me. The snow was paved, I only had to walk the same road. But to find your dad, and your entire family, have travelled across the country to surprise you is something I am so lucky to have experienced.

“I think there are many people, less fortunate than I, watching it in the abstract hopeful that they might get a fraction of that from their family someday.

“I can only hope that anyone watching it is inspired by the love and warmth shown and felt within that bus, and pays it forward to their LGBTQ kids and loved ones.

“You may never know the power of doing something like that for someone in your life.”


Michael and Des

Also featured in the video is Michael Kavanagh and his Dad Des.

Michael said it was the first time his Dad called him “son” making it a really touching moment.

“It was a total shock to see him, particularly dressed up in Pride gear. Both of us wouldn’t be very expressive with how we feel, so to have him publicly say he’s proud of me like that was an amazing thing that I’ll remember forever.

“He’s been trying so hard getting my name and pronouns right, but that was the first time he’s addressed me as his son, it meant the world to hear it. I’m actually so happy the moment was recorded, just to re-live it again and again, and I’m so grateful to everyone who worked on making it happen.”


Liam and Stephen

Liam’s Dad Stephen has worked for Dublin Bus for 36 years. Liam said that he hopes his Dad will help other fathers lead by his example.

“Being surprised by my dad was very surreal. I’ve always known how much he supports me and loves me but to see him go through all of that effort just for me was incredible.

“I count myself lucky especially now after the surprise because not everyone is as lucky as I am to have parents and especially a father who is so supportive. I am so so proud of him and I hope that the video and my dad’s words will change father’s minds all across the world.”


Dublin Bus Shows Their Pride

Dublin Bus played an absolute blinder at this year’s Pride, as well as wrapping two of their buses in the rainbow colours, places on the buses were offered to those unable to march, making it more accessible for the entire community.

As one of the largest employers in the country with over 3,500 employees and the largest transport company in Ireland, Dublin Bus is considered to be one of the most progressive for inclusivity and supporting diversity among its workforce and was previously named a GLEN (Gay & Lesbian Equality Network) Diversity Champion.

In 2017 Dublin Bus devised its comprehensive Workplace Gender Transition Policy and Guidelines in consultation with TENI. The policy includes recommendations for employees, managers and the Human Resources Department on how to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for employees transitioning. Grand Marshal of the Pride Parade 2018 Sara Phillips described the policy as “one of the most progressive policies on transgender inclusion in the workplace.”

2014 saw it undertake an onboard and in depot, poster campaign promoting mutual respect and a positive work environment for all employees and in the same year the company also extended its paternity policy to all employees whose partner gives birth to or adopts a child.

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