Stephen Gately's Family To Open New Investigation Into Death


The family of late Boyzone singer, Stephen Gately say that they still have unanswered questions, and will be launching a private investigation into the star’s death.


Stephen Gately tragically died at the age of 33 from a congenital heart defect at the apartment he shared in Majorca with his husband Andrew Bowles in 2009.

On the night that Gately died, he and Bowles had been partying at a local nightclub. At 5.30am, they met Bulgarian model Georgi Dochey, who they invited back to their apartment.

Stephen and Andrew Cowles following their civil partnership ceremony in 2006.
Stephen and Andrew Cowles following their civil partnership ceremony in 2006.

Stephen’s brother Tony Gately told The Sun on Sunday that his family still believe that there is more to the story and want to get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding his death.

“Only two people really know what went on the night he died,” his brother Tony, 32, told The Sun. “They are his husband Andrew and a Bulgarian guy, Georgi, who was invited to their apartment.

“Even now we are still not certain what happened and Andy has never opened up to me,” Tony said. “We are looking at getting a private investigator once his estate is settled.”

Tony also opened up about an ongoing legal battle with Stephen’s partner. He revealed that his family are due to received only 40% of the stars estate, while his partner Andrew will receive the remaining 60%.

“Andy has put a price on every single item that we’ve asked for. Those things are tarnished now. Some of them were things we had given to Stephen as presents.,” revealed Tony. “They were sentimental items… He’s had all Stephen’s earnings and personal possessions. Our family have had none of that. At the minute it looks like Andy is going to get 60% of Stephen’s estate. Our mum and dad will get a fraction, but the estate still hasn’t been settled.”


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