Powerful video addresses homophobia in the streets of Cork

CCCahoots have released a short video that sheds light on the experiences of LGBT+ people in their daily lives.

Split-screen of a group of glaring people in the streets of Cork. And on the other side a man looking nervous

TV and film production company CCCahoots have released a short set in Cork which shows why there is no need for straight Pride.

The video depicts a world where straight people are the minority and are subject to ‘heterophobia.’ 

In the short film, a straight man walks through the streets of Cork and is the subject of glaring and whispers: “He’s one of those straights I think is he?”

Another scene depicts a young boy chasing his football which has landed in the park beside a straight couple. The boy picks up his football and smiles at the couple until his father pulls him away giving the couple a disapproving look. 

The video ends with a simple statement: “This world doesn’t exist.”

Straight people don’t have the same experiences as LGBT+ people do in their everyday lives and organisers of US-based Boston Straight Pride could learn from this video after the creator of the event described heterosexual people as an “oppressed minority.”

The short shows how LGBT+ couples often face disapproval or homophobic comments when doing something that a cis-straight couple could do without judgment.

CCCahoots who normally specialise in comedy features reached out for help to create this short that gives a new perspective on the difficulties that LGBT+ people face in our everyday lives. The company have created sketches for RTÉ2’s Republic of Telly and release a weekly video on their Facebook page.

Cork Pride has a jam-packed week full of events in the lead up to the Pride march on Sunday, August 4th. Some of their amazing events include a film night with LGBT+ film festival GAZE tomorrow 31 July, an LGBT+ walking tour on Thursday and a community barbeque to get that Friday feeling! You can see more in the fun-filled event guide here.

Watch the video here:

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