Telling MY Story: Ireland's First Trans Leadership Summit

The participants at Telling MY Story, Ireland's first trans leadership summit

TENI and Accenture joined forces to bring Ireland its first trans leadership summit: Telling MY Story


Over the weekend thirty trans people took part in Telling MY Story, the first trans leadership summit to take place in Ireland.

A collaborative effort between TENI and Accenture facilitated Telling MY Story  in taking place over the weekend.

Telling MY Story was designed to empower, educate and equip future trans leaders with the tools that they need to succeed.

In a press release TENI expand on the origins of the trans leadership summit.


Trans Unemployment

“Telling MY Story was developed in response to the fact that a high number of trans people are not in employment,” TENI disclosed.

“In TENI’s Speaking from the Margins report, just 51% of trans respondents were employed.”

Trans people have considerable barriers to employment which TENI are helping to remove.

“TENI works with diverse employers to ensure workplaces are more trans inclusive and to help remove some of the barriers that trans people face when seeking employment.

“Throughout the weekend, communications experts, recruitment specialists and trans advocates provided advice on how to harness the power of personal stories.”



At the trans leadership summit, participants learned vital skills that will hopefully enable them to secure employment with greater ease in the future.

“Telling MY Story participants learned how to tell their stories with confidence by improving their communications skills; discovered ways to talk about their trans journeys positively, clearly and succinctly; got advice on applying for roles and how to navigate the recruitment and interview process; developed and practiced their networking skills; and heard how trans leaders used their stories to effect change.”


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