10 Things We Love About Pantibar

We've compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why Pantibar is our favourite place to be!

Photo of the exterior of Panti Bar

As you may know, today is the 10th Anniversary of Pantibar. When Pantibar first opened the doors in 2007, Dublin was a very different place. It was covered in emos, the recession was in full swing and we still had a long way to go before marriage equality became a reality.

To celebrate everything Pantibar, we here at GCN have compiled the top 10 reasons why we love Pantibar so much. Don’t forget that there will be a big ‘ol knees up in celebration this Sunday.

1. The Ridiculously Hot Bar Men & Women

Group shot of all of the Panti Bar Staff

*SIGH* Is there anything better in the world than getting to feast your eyes on some of Dublin’s finest while ordering a G&T.

2. Panti Craft Beer

Panti's Pale Ale Poster

And it is some of the nicest ale we ever did taste…

3. It’s the only place to be to celebrate Pride

4. The Iconic Posters

GIF showing some of Panti Bar's most iconic posters

Niall Sweeney’s graphic skills are so on fleek!

5. The sign which has become a landmark of Capel Street


6. Panti’s PA Competition

Just like Paris Hilton, Panti ran her own competition to find a PA and it was hilar.

7. The Day of the YES vote

The queens of ireland panti hugging after yes vote confirmed

It was an iconic day in general, but particularly so if you spent it in Pantibar. You can watch Panti Bliss/Rory O’Neill’s reaction to the vote in the documentary, The Queen of Ireland.

8. 1/2 price Sundays

It’s half the price so we can drink twice as much!

9. Music

The tunes are always off the chain, enough to keep us boppin’ through the small hours.

10. The National Fcking Treasure Herself….

Happy Birthday Pantibar from all of us at GCN xo

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