As The TERF Wars Continue, Study Finds 80% Of Women Worldwide Believe Trans Women Should Have Equal Rights

While the TERF campaign 'Standing For Women' seeks to gain ground, a global study suggests that cis women support the rights of trans women.

Image of a trans pride demonstration. A study found that 80% of women worldwide support equal rights for trans women.

In the same week that the trans-exclusionary radical feminists behind the ‘Standing for Women’ campaign erected another transphobic poster, a study revealed that 80% of women worldwide believe trans women should have equal rights.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation conducted a survey of 1000 women across the United Kingdom, Egypt, Mexico, the USA and Japan. The questionnaire asked:

“Should transgender women have the same rights as other women?”

798 women responded with yes and only 37 women said no. The remaining number of women declined to answer. Up to 87% of British and American women and 75% of Japanese women surveyed responded with “yes”.

Earlier this week a digital billboard appeared over a sex-shop on Oxford Street in Birmingham. The poster defined the term “woman” to mean “adult, human female”. Last month, a similar poster was removed in Liverpool.

Hugh Lane

Standing for Women routinely shares anti-trans content on social media in the name of “protecting women and girls” however the results of the recent survey demonstrate that women worldwide do not share this ‘fear’. 

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, the leader of the campaign, has made numerous television appearances in which she made transphobic remarks, evoking an archaic rhetoric that villainises trans women.

She has been met with opposition from politicians, journalists and even the Scottish government, who released a series of billboards telling transphobes their bigotry has no place in Scotland.

LGBT+ activist Dr Adrian Harrop has condemned Keen-Minshull’s campaign:

“She is directing a campaign of hatred against trans women, and her lack of insight, empathy and self-awareness is staggering.”

He continued: “My objection comes from the fact that Mrs Keen-Minshull who has an established record as an overtly and unapologetically transphobic individual, and who has led a relentless and persistent campaign to dehumanise and to invalidate the identities of trans women, has chosen to weaponise this word (woman), and use it as an instrument of abuse.”

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