Stickers Attacking Trans Women Plastered Throughout London

Phallic shaped stickers meant to demean trans women reading 'Women Don't Have Penises' have been spotted plastered around London.

Phallic shaped stickers on a postbox which reads 'women don't have penises'

In upsetting news, stickers have been spotted in various locations across London which cruelly and pointlessly attack trans women. The pink, phallic stickers are marked with the words ‘Women don’t have penises’ and have been spotted on the exterior of the offices of LGBT+ charity Stonewall and the building which houses The Guardian Newspaper, amongst other places.

Images of the stickers were posted by a Twitter user who supports TERF and anti-trans groups although no group or person has as yet claimed responsibility.

Attacks on the trans community by TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) continues apace, with a recent open letter addressed to Stonewall attacking them for their support of trans people. The missive from a group calling themselves the Lesbian Rights Alliance demanded Stonewall leave the L out of LGBT.

It read “We demand that Stonewall removes lesbians from the list of groups you claim to represent as a national LGBT organisation. In your single minded campaign to promote the trans political and ideological agenda, you not only fail to represent us, but you actively promote lesbian invisibility.” It failed to clearly state how this was actually occurring.

In recent weeks, London has been at the centre of trans exclusionary happenings, with The Sunday Times publishing an offensive article on trans access to the city’s public toilets. Ignoring the fact that due to The Equality Act of 2010 trans people were already welcome to use City of London loos that most suited their gender, the fear-mongering article ranted about how dozens of public lavatories “could be opened to people who identify as transgender in the most radical move yet to promote their rights.”

It went on to give column inches to TERFs, decrying “The moves have horrified some feminists, who said they were a ‘huge deal’ and a ‘mind-blowing’ erosion of women’s protected spaces”.

With the recent Trans Pride March which took place in Dublin, now is the time more than any for everyone to row in behind the T in LGBT+.

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