The Science Behind Why Straight Women Want A Gay Best Friend


The gay best friend, a trope often seen in sitcoms – but according to a new study, there’s scientific basis for why straight women seem gravitate towards gay men for companionship.


In a new study from the University of Texas, researchers interviewed 700 straight female students and concluded that most trust gay men more than straight men when it comes to dating advice. Straight women and gay men are more comfortable opening up to each other, as there is no sexual tension and/or competitiveness over potential partners.

“This provides novel experimental evidence that there is more to the gay male-straight female friendship than just what we see on TV – certain social psychological processes are, indeed, driving these relationships in real life,’ explained Eric Russell, the paper’s author.

“The study involved nearly 700 straight female students at a major public university in the southwestern US.

“As part of the study, they were asked to evaluate the trustworthiness of a straight woman, straight man or gay man based on mock social media profiles.

“It’s riskier to trust other straight women when mating competition is high,” said Vivian Ta, one the study’s co-authors.

“Unlike other women, gay men do not undermine women when they are seeking out mating partners. Gay men do not compete for the same men as straight women do.”



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