There's A New Tool That Helps You Find Tolerant Cities To Visit Or Move To

An aeroplane wing and clouds picture that somebody took after using Teleport to find tolerant cities

Teleport is a new tool that allows you to decide what’s important to you like LGBT Equality and Crime Rates and will show you the safest, most tolerant cities


Teleport is a tool that allows you to see which are the most tolerant cities in terms of LGBT equality or crime rate if you’re planning a visit or a move in the future.

Teleport looks at a number of different points in relation to locations: housing; living costs; travel connectivity; climate; safety; minorities (LGBT Equality); and leisure and culture amongst other factors.

If you’re planning a holiday it can show you where might be a nice, LGBT friendly location that matches your needs.


Where To Next?

If planning to move it offers other information like the current job market, healthcare system, economy, tax and traffic. All of which might influence a decision to relocate when you’re asking yourself “Where to next?”

Teleport even allows you to enter your current salary and estimates what your expected salary would be in the new country, giving you an estimate as to whether you will have more disposable income or less based on rent, cost of living and taxes.

Brexit’s full implications are as of yet unclear and Trump’s potential to actually attain power as the president makes the USA an uncertain destination for potential emigrants. So having a tool like Teleport that can inform you of tolerant cities that might match your other requirements is valuable.


Sunny And LGBT Friendly

If you’re looking to travel to somewhere that has a climate like Madrid and that has a high level of LGBT equality, then Teleport gives a list of destinations which include Lisbon, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Washington, D.C.

If you want somewhere more like home, then Teleport lists Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Gothenburg  and Wellington in it’s top five.

So give it a go and see what Teleport says is your ideal city to check out.

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