They're Back! Watch The Brand New 'Will & Grace' Teaser

After over a decade, the most outrageously funny small screen foursome will be back with a brand new series and the creators are teasing us with a new trailer.

The cast of Will & Grace sitting on directors' chairs with their names on it.

Honey… What is this? What’s going on? What’s happening?

When producers and real-life friends Max Mutchnick and David Kohan started working on the script for ‘Will & Grace’ they probably didn’t imagine they would be creating one of the most iconic tv series of all time. Despite the initial fears from the network for portraying gay characters and themes, the show was an incredible success worldwide, becoming a classic over the years and even inspiring a Chinese sitcom.

With its eight seasons, ‘Will & Grace’, managed to be nominated for 83 Emmy Awards and snatched 16 of them. All four stars received also an Emmy, making ‘Will & Grace’ one in three sitcoms to ever achieve this.

The cast surprised the fans, reuniting on September 2016 for an hilarious 10 minute anti-Trump special episode released online, in which they asked the public to vote ( for Hillary of course) in the 2016 presidential elections. The episode ended with the hashtag #VoteHoney.

The special was such a huge success that NBC later on announced they were considering a revival of the series and in January 2017 they finally confirmed the program’s return. Our prayers have been answered!

Grace, Jack and Karen are sitting on a couch laughing while Will is standing talking to them with his arms open. Text says the show will premiere on September 28.

The revival will include 12 episodes (increased from the initial 10), the first of which will air on NBC on September 28 2017, 11 years after the last episode ( has it been that long?!) .

The impeccably-poised Will, the awkwardly funny Grace, the flamboyant wannabe-actor Jack and fan favourite filthy (rich) drink-in-hand Karen, will all be back for the revival series, as well as the original creators and director.

Fans worldwide went wild when NBC released a first teaser trailer back in May and, with less than three months to go to the premiere date, we are expecting more sneak peeks, teasers and interviews with the cast over the coming weeks.

Just yesterday the program tweeted to wish the fans a good Fourth of July… Karen Walker style.

And to top it all off they dropped the new teaser trailer just a couple of hours later.

We are wondering how the new season will see the four friends united once again, since the show finale had implied the characters had a falling out. The creators promised they won’t simply ignore the finale ending and they will instead explain how they are still friends 11 years later. This makes us even more curious to see what the characters have been up to over the past decade and how their lives have changed.

There’s no word at the moment on which network has picked up the right for Irish & UK viewers, but we will keep you posted.

With the full cast and creative minds on boards we are sure Season 9 will be amazing and  we really cannot wait to see it!

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