Thousands Document Their Journey Back To Ireland With #HomeToVote

Three years later the hashtag '#hometovote' had the internet in tears. As the referendum to repeal the eighth amendment looms near, the hashtag is back and it is as emotional and powerful as it was during the Marriage Referendum.


During the marriage referendum three years ago, the #hometovote hashtag saw over 72,000 tweets in a matter of hours from people who were returning to Ireland to vote in the Marriage Equality referendum.

It became such a key moment for Twitter, that the hashtag was memorialised in Twitter HQ.

This week, we have seen a revival of the hashtag with thousands of people returning from all over the world to vote in the referendum to repeal the eighth amendment and it is giving us fierce nostalgia.

Although the two referendums have a dichotomy, the element of control over folks who can get pregnant strikes a very similar nerve for the LGBT+ community who had to canvas, travel home and tell their stories three years ago.

Here are some of the best posts we have seen over the past few days on social media.

This particular photo has struck a chord with many…

@blaithintheflower said “We are going #HomeToVote We are going home to #VoteYes for an Ireland that treats women with compassion, care, respect, equality and trust. This is a super emotional journey for all of us making the trip home, this one flight back to Ireland to vote yes is democracy on its feet, and will hopefully mean the end of 3,000 journeys made out of Ireland by Irish women every year and the end of another 2,000 abortion pills bought online and taken unsafely and unregulated. ❤❤❤❤❤. @londonirisharc @repealproject @repeal8thglobal @together4yes


@lolaboorman said “Flying #hometovote and thinking of 170,000 women who have made this trip to access abortion since 1983. Tomorrow we have the chance to ensure that no woman ever has to make this trip again, that she can be cared for in her own country, and that she is trusted to make her own decisions about her own health and her own body. Vote ‘Yes’ #repealthe8th #togetherforyes #healthcarenotairfare #freesafelegal



Welcome home pals, now let’s get voting YES!

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