Three Injured After Car Drives Into Crowd At Trans Vigil

Several people suffered minor injuries in St Louis on Wednesday after a car drove into a protestors at a candlelight vigil held to mourn a 30-year-old trans woman who was killed by police.


Mourners had gathered to protest the death of trans woman Kiwi Herring who was killed by police after they were called to deal with an altercation involving Herring and a neighbour, reports Huffington Post.

When police officers showed up to respond to a reports of a domestic dispute involving Herring and a 30 year-old man, she attacked them slicing one in the arm with a large kitchen knife, which caused the police to open fire.

Mourners had gathered at St Louis’ Transgender Memorial Garden to remember Herring and protest her death on Wednesday night.

When mourners blocked an intersection, one driver approached and began honking. The motorist raised his middle finger before driving straight into the group.

Police and those present at the memorial have offered conflicting versions of the attack. In an email to The River Front Times newspaper, police spokeswoman Schron Jackson stated: “The protesters surrounded the vehicle and began striking it with their hands and a flag pole.”

“Several protesters also kicked and jumped on top of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle (white male) proceeded to drive away when three protesters ( 2 white females and 1 white male) fell from the vehicle. The three protesters reported minor injuries, but refused medical attention on the scene.”

A protestor who was present, Keith Rose, disputed the police version of events on Facebook, claiming that the crowd had not struck the vehicle.

“The police are saying that he drove through the crowd because people were surrounding his car and striking it. That is not true,” writes Rose.

He drove toward a group of about 4 protesters and stopped just before he was about to hit them. He had both hands off of the wheel and was giving the middle finger. More protesters got in front of the car to stand by the others.


It was only once he was already hitting people and increasing his speed that people began to hit his car. He continued to drive faster, deeper into the crowd, turning to his left as he went. By the time he left the intersection he was going pretty fast. He whipped around another corner and was chased by the police.”

Three people were hit during the incident. The driver fled the scene in his vehicle before being apprehended by police a short time later.

St Louis’ LGBT+ community were angered by initial police reports which misgendered Herring.

In 2016, advocates tracked at least 22 deaths of transgender people in the United States due to fatal violence, the most ever recorded.

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