7 Tips for Casually Coming Out in A New Job


Starting a new job is a pain in the arse at the best of times, but having to come out to new co-workers every time you switch jobs makes it even worse.


So, we’ve compiled some casual ways to let your co-workers know you’re a friend of Dorothy’s.


Play the ‘indirect pronoun game’

Instead of saying “my boyfriend” or “wife”, keep saying “my partner and I” until people get the message about your deviant sexuality. Eventually your co-workers will either twig the truth. Or just think you are a fan of cowboy speak.



If you prefer to be more upfront, wear a T-shirt saying ‘No one knows I’m a lesbian/ trans/ a fan of novelty t shirts’


Or alternatively, if you want people to know you’re gay and a dick, you can opt for the t-shirt in the middle.


Rave about Frank Ocean’s latest album


Transcendental! Groundbreaking! Other Adjectives!


Drop the word ‘intersectionality’ casualty into a conversation. Correctly.

gif1 gif2


Drop the name of your favourite gay club into conversation.
If this is a bit too subtle (‘Do anything nice at the weekend?’ ‘Just went to Mother?’ ‘And how was she?’), consider bringing out the big, overtly gay guns: “Oh, I just went to Bukkake.” Still too subtle? Something like:”I’M GOING TO A BIG, GAY FETISH NIGHT” might swing it.


Mention that if you ever discover who Becky with the Good Hair is, you’re gonna destroy that skank’s weave



If you’re the boss, encourage your team with ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’ theme-d phrases: ‘Werq it!’ ‘No tea, no shade, no TK red lemonade!’ and ‘Sissy that spread sheet, mister!’ Or, sack them with a devastating ‘Sashay…away!’


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