TLC to Air 'My Husband's Not Gay' - About Gay Husbands

my husband's not gay

TLC or The Learning Channel (can we really call it that anymore?) is to air a brand spanking new show in January 2015 which will focus on Mormon men who are attracted to men but, according to their wives, are not gay.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. The show is set in Salt Lake City, Utah and focuses on three married couples and one single man – all of the men are attracted to men but have decided to settle down with women.

The trailer seems light and fun, however, once the audience hears the men speak of their experiences, we realise that these are still just men who are struggling with their sexuality. They seem to hope to cure themselves through religion and sex with women.

The men claim to use their faith in God to overcome anything that goes against their religious beliefs, including their sexual feelings toward men.

One of the men says he has “chosen an alternative to an alternative lifestyle.” Another participant excellently explains “I’m interested in men, I’m just not interested in men.”

The one bachelor sadly states, “I want to marry a woman, but I don’t know how to work out these feelings.”

The trailer seems to make light of these men who are struggling with being gay and reconciling it with their belief system.

One women takes offense when people call her husband gay… Though she is on a show about her gay husband entitled ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’.

Mormonism is not at all accepting of homosexuality and has made that perfectly clear. TLC isn’t known for their sensitivity to certain groups, so this can’t be unexpected.

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