Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas: Dublin

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You’ve plucked up the courage to ask someone on a date, but now you don’t know where to take them? These Top 5 romantic date ideas: Dublin will give you some inspiration


Dating in Ireland is difficult and coming up with romantic date ideas in Dublin is even more-so. With Catholicism’s influence and Catholic guilt hindering the dating scene on the Emerald Isle for so long, is it any wonder that dating in Ireland just hasn’t taken off in the same way as in the US?

Now though, Ireland is increasingly informed by international communities. We have shirked the hangups of older generations and dating is now becoming more popular. But figuring out where to take your date is still difficult.

So we created this list of Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas For Dublin.


1. The Coffee Date


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Ok so you like a boy or a girl (lucky them), but you don’t know how you’ll get along on your own for two long. What’s great about The Coffee Date is that if it’s not going well you can bail pretty easily (I’ve got to meet a friend for lunch).

The Coffee Date is the perfect non-committal way to get to know somebody. You don’t have to endure a three-course meal to find out if the two of you have a spark and it’s easy on the pocket. But you do get to talk and get to know each other.

And at least the caffeine, if nothing else, will inject a bit of energy into the date.

If the weather’s is nice you can even get your coffee to go and take a walk together.


2. The Ice-Cream Date


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With weather like we’re having today (25 degrees Celsius and sunny) maybe a hot beverage like coffee isn’t sounding appealing. No problem.

Fortunately for you Dublin’s city centre, Howth, Dun Laoghaoire, The Phoenix Park all have ice-cream parlours (like Murphy’s Ice Cream), vans or shops that offer delicious frozen treats, making The Ice-Cream Date a perfect romantic date idea.

You and your date can grab an ice-cream and go sit in the park or by the coast. Enjoy the good weather, soak up some sun, maybe go for a dip in the sea, but be sure to wear appropriate SPF, because sunburn isn’t sexy!

Obviously, Ireland isn’t always spoiled with good weather, so this is a bit of a seasonal treat, making it all the more exclusive and intimate.


3. The Dinner and a Show Date


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As Ireland’s capital, Dublin is full of fantastic restaurants and amazing entertainment.

The Dinner and a Show Date is perfect for someone you know a bit already, before deciding to ask them on a date.

You’ve probably met your date a couple of times before, and already know that you get along, so spending an entire evening together isn’t intimidating. Maybe they’re a friend of a friend, or you work in the same office and have had some really interesting elevator conversations.

Either way, this romantic date idea shows commitment, can be extremely romantic and create a beautiful shared experience in your burgeoning relationship.

Choosing the right restaurant is key, so be sure to pick up GCN or read GCN online or on iOS to find out where the best new places in town are.

Then for shows you have your choice of theatre, comedy gigs, drag shows, and concerts to go to. And if you don’t know what to check out, you can keep up to date with upcoming theatre and other events with us.

If you’re feeling very romantic, you could even rent out an entire private cinema!


4. The Ghost Bus Tour Date


Dublin Ghost Bus Tour bus which is a part of our top 5 romantic date ideas: Dublin guide


Nothing brings people closer together than a shared experience. And if that shared experience makes your date reach out to grasp your hand for reassurance and support, all the better.

One caveat with this date idea is that during the summer months, Ireland’s long hours of sunlight mean that it doesn’t get fully dark until quite late (after 10pm). So for full effect, make sure that you book the tour after gets dark.


5. The Workout Date


Two men running together on a Workout Date after they read about it in GCN's Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas: Dublin guide
(Image: Free Fall Trailer)


Getting sweaty with your date is a great way to get endorphins going and bring out the competitive side in each other.

You could go for a run outdoors, workout together in a gym, play tennis, or go for a swim in the sea (bonus points for getting to see your date in their swimwear).

The Workout Date is great because you get to see what your date will look like at the worst of times, so you know what you’re getting in for. That is unless they’re like the incredibly photogenic marathon runner who always looks great!


The incredibly photogenic marathon runner who was on a date thanks to our romantic date ideas: Dublin guide


Also, after you’ve worked out you can always invite your date back to your place for a shower and see where things go from there!


So that was are our Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas: Dublin guide. We hope you enjoyed it, and it gives you some inspiration for what to do on your next date.

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming guide: Top Tips To Ask A Gay Guy Out On A Date.

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