Alex Pettyfer's Throwback Will Make You Want To Watch Magic Mike Again

Alex Pettyfer left reliving his Magic Mike days, Magic Mike cast topless on the right

Alex Pettyfer’s surprise performance of his Magic Mike dance in sweatpants is mesmerising


Alex Pettyfer’s performance of his Magic Mike dance routine at the HypeIt offices proves that he’s still got the moves.

Alex looks like he’s busy at work in the office when a song from Magic Mike comes on, surprising the actor.

Wearing a baseball cap, green t-shirt and grey sweatpants, Alex looks initially a little annoyed before throwing the ping pong balls he had been bouncing at the camera.

Alex then hangs his head in embarrassment before spinning around in the office chair to the beat of the music.

Then, thankfully, his muscle memory takes over and he gets into the groove.

He is fluid, sexy and has still got it, but when he dances around to one of his coworkers to give her a little lap dance, she doesn’t seem too impressed.

And that’s where the video cuts off. Check it out below:


Magic Mike

If you haven’t seen Magic Mike yet, it’s one of the best male entertainer movies out there, replete with rippling abs, glistening glutes, and bulging biceps.

Alex Pettyfer stars in the 2012 film alongside Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello (the brawny werewolf Alcide in True Blood), Matthew McConaughey.

For those who don’t have the time or the will to sit through the movie, here’s an Honest Trailer parody (serious spoiler alert) that gets across the gist of the film:



But the male entertainer madness doesn’t end with Magic Mike. There was a sequel last year, Magic Mike XXL, which changed the film’s genre, giving it a new burst of life as a road-trip movie filled with more of the same characters you loved/hated from the first film (except Alex Pettier who is now busy in HypeIt obviously).

In May this year Channing Tatum announced that Magic Mike Live will be happening in Las Vegas in 2017, and has asked for suggestions for what kind of routines people want to see.

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