Watch: Matthew Dempsey Finds Out Which Traits Make A Man More Attractive?

Is a man more attractive when he smiles (left) or smoulders (right)?

Matthew Dempsey and Broderick Hunter team up to find out which traits make a man more attractive


Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey has devised a test to determine whether traits that are traditionally considered more masculine are considered attractive.

Matt has hired actor Broderick Hunter to perform two different versions of responses or conversations, and played them out side by side, to allow viewers and test members to determine which version of Broderick is generally preferred.

Traits that are typically associated with masculinity such as aloofness and aggressiveness are shown in the video not to be considered attractive by the majority of respondents to the online survey Dempsey has conducted.

For most respondents, seeing a man smile and laugh is considered to be more attractive than the “smoulder” or brooding look that the actor is portraying.

Check out the video below to see which of the traits you prefer, the traditionally masculine or the less traditionally masculine:


How does this trickle down into the LGBT community? Well if heterosexual men are being considered more appealing for typically less masculine traits, then the gay community’s fixation with masculinity – that has been magnified through the lens of dating apps – might dissipate.


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