Trans Community Invited To Tell Their Story For A New Exciting Theatre Project

Transition, Family & Me is an investigation into identity, gender, family and home and the creator wants to build a relationship with trans folk in order to see and hear their stories on the Irish stage.

trans community wanted for new theatre project

Transition, Family & Me (TFM) is the working title for an idea in early-stage development from Theatre Maker/Performer Michele Ann Kelly, associate artist at The Civic.

“The genesis of this idea comes from my postgraduate research project undertaken in late 2017 into representations of members of the transgender community on the Irish stage and the development of a documentary-style piece which will involve working with members of the transgender community.”

Michele Ann is inviting transgender individuals to take part in the project.

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“I want to build relationships with trans people, I want to see and hear their stories on the Irish stage. The first phase of this project is to document individual stories, and the second phase is the development of a documentary-style theatrical work. This research and developmental phase 2018 will be the start of a dialogue with members of the transgender community to ascertain their view as to how the language and aesthetic possibilities of theatre might forge a greater awareness of and recognition of the full diversity of transgender identity.

“The artistic ambition for this project is to evolve a collaborative performance piece that engenders compassion and celebrates difference. A piece that seeks to better understand others and challenges audiences to do the same. Transition, Family & Me seeks to investigate the themes of identity, gender, family and home from a trans perspective.”

The organisations supporting this ambitious new work include, The Civic, Creative Ireland, South Dublin County Council, Contact Studios, Create and TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland).

“I am asking transgender individuals to come on this journey with me by initially inviting them to take part in interview sessions to capture their stories. In addition, each individual will also be invited to take part in a photoshoot session, so as to create an image that best represents them. The R&D phase culminates with a mutual sharing of these stories and images with creative collaborators, family, friends, and members of the public.”

If you’re interested in taking part in the project or you’d like more information, please contact Michele Ann;

Tel: 086 171 27 29 OR Email: [email protected]. Participants should note that you must be over 18 to take part.

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