Trans Indians Ask For "Mercy Killings"


Three Indian trans women have asked for for “mercy killings” instead of being forced to live a “life of discrimination”.


A group of four trans women have has petitioned several government departments in India, so they can “die with dignity” instead of having to face discrimination and struggle for their livelihood. The women have said that because of their gender identity, and with no government aid, they may face a life on the streets.

“I am denied part-time jobs because I am transwoman. I am unable to pay for my education and I face discrimination. Officials are unwilling to take initiatives to offer us alternative sources of livelihood,” said Banu, one of the women involved.

“We have requested the government to allow mercy killing for us. As a citizen of India, my dignity and self-respect have been affected because of my gender identity,” Banu said.

“I don’t earn enough to make ends meet,” said Vidya, a postgraduate from Tanjavur Tamil University.


“We have been staging so many protests, including begging for dignity, but we are pushed towards begging for living. If that be the case, we don’t want to live that kind of a life, but rather die with dignity and therefore made the application for mercy killing.”

In April 2014, the government declared a “third gender” and said that transgender people should be treated consistently with other minorities under the law, enabling them to access jobs, healthcare and education. However, the group say there has been little change since the ruling.

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