Watch: Trans Terms Explained [VIDEO]

Trans terms with a male/female symbol combined into one on the left, person with blonde hair on the right

This video explains trans terms in a simple way that makes it easy to understand the different terminology


With trans issues becoming increasingly prominent in the media, and perhaps not all of the LGBT community certain of which words and acronyms can be used in different contexts, ViolexTV has created a video which explains some of the most common trans terms which are used to describe members of that community.

The video below highlights some of the different terms such as transgender which means “one who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth”, and highlights the difference between gender and sex.

Gender, the video explains, is related to the terms masculinity, femininity & androgyny whereas sex is somewhat less complicated to define referring to how we categorise people based on qualifiers like chromosomes, hormone levels, and anatomy.

To learn more of the trans related terms pertinent to their community as well as which designations to avoid so as not to cause offence, check out the video below.



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