Transgender has been named one of the words of the year

Bruce Jenner

The use of the word transgender has risen 100%  on last year


The winning word was binge-watching meaning ”to watch a large number of television programmes in succession”. Its usage was up 200%.

Other words such as dadbod (an untoned and slightly plump male physique), ghosting (to end a relationship by cutting off contact) and clean eating (eating only natural foods) were also listed as Collins English Dictionary 2015 Words of the Year.

The increased usage of certain words is a way of measuring societal change.

Lexicographers say the rise in usage of transgender is due to the increased popularity of trans stars such as Laverne Cox and  Caitlyn Jenner.

In August, the term Mx was added to The Oxford English Dictionary.

Mx is defined in the dictionary as “n: a title used before a person’s surname by those who wish to avoid specifying their gender.” MPs being sworn into the House of Commons are now given the option of the gender-neutral title.

The complete list of Collins’ Words of the Year is as follows:

  • binge-watch (verb): to watch a large number of television programmes (especially all the shows from one series) in succession
  • clean eating (noun): following a diet that contains only natural foods, and is low in sugar, salt, and fat
  • contactless (adjective): referring to payments, smart cards, etc that utilize RFID (radio-frequency identity) technology and do not require a PIN or signature from the customer
  • Corbynomics (noun): the economic policies advocated by the UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
  • dadbod (noun): an untoned and slightly plump male physique, especially one considered attractive
  • ghosting (noun): ending a relationship by ignoring all communication from the other person
  • manspreading (noun): the act or an instance of a male passenger in a bus or train splaying his legs in a way that denies space to the passenger sitting next to him
  • shaming (noun): attempting to embarrass a person or group by drawing attention to their perceived offence, especially on social media
  • swipe (verb): to move a finger across a touchscreen on a mobile phone in order to approve (swipe right) or dismiss (swipe left) an image


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