TV Ad Claims Kids Will Be 'Required To Celebrate Homosexuality' If Marriage Equality Passes

Just as it happened in Ireland back in 2015, the debate around Marriage Equality in Australia gets nastier by the day.

Steve Tourloukis talks to the camera for a No Campaign ad

“In Canada parents have lost their rights.”

Australian group Coalition For Marriage (C4M) continues their scaremongering campaign against Marriage Equality with a new video ad which adds to their list of anti-gay propaganda.

The video features Canadian dad Steve Tourloukis, who claims the entire education system in Canada has somehow been affected since the introduction of same-sex marriage.

Tourloukis sued his children’s school last year, demanding, on ‘religious freedom’ grounds, advanced notice from the school so he could remove his kids from class if what was being taught went against his values. Climate change, moral relativism and sex education were amongst the topics he didn’t want his children to be taught in school.

“I realise how naive I was back in those days,” he says, “but you wouldn’t think that two men or two women getting married would have such a profound effect on the education system, but I assure you that it has.”

The video, edited with dramatic music playing in the background, is then intercut with the text “In Canada parents have lost their rights” before he continues with “They said all students, including my Christian children, should be required to celebrate homosexuality.”

Australia is currently taking part in an ongoing postal vote on Marriage Equality, and although a positive ballot response is not binding and won’t automatically bring the legalisation of same-sex marriage, it should lead to a parliamentary vote on the matter.

To encourage as many people as possible to vote, a tele-vote has also been made available and Australians living abroad can now also vote in the plebiscite.

This new ad however is just the latest effort from the No Campaign to try and scare Australian people into voting ‘No’.

From the repulsive ‘Stop The Fags’, to the Irish Eurovision blogger who joined the No Campaign claiming freedom of speech has been compromised since the Marriage Equality referendum passed in Ireland, C4M and similar groups have been intensifying their efforts to mislead the public into believing that voting Yes will negatively affect society.

Sadly, just like it happened in Ireland back in 2015 with the ‘No Campaign’ constantly hitting new lows, we have a feeling things will be getting uglier as the closing date of the poll slowly approaches.

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