TV Recap: RuPaul's Drag Race 6, Ep 10


Grab the tissues, Alan Finnegan recaps this week’s episode of RuPauls’ Drag Race which features six weddings and an elimination.


There’s been plenty of tears and tantrums going down on Drag Race, with weddings galore too. The mini-challenge this week had the queens padded up in body suits. They had to cover themselves in paint and roll around on a sheet of paper to create abstract paintings. The queens quickly found that twerking made for good results.


Bianca’s painting won her the challenge, and then RuPaul introduced the contestants to six brides to be in need of the queens’ help. RuPaul would be performing the ceremony, and the brides needed to be dragged up. Bianca, having won the mini challenge, was given the power of pairing everybody up and judging by the pickings there was no shade involved in her choices.

Then, just as the queens were envisaging looks for their brides, RuPaul threw a spanner in the works and introduced the grooms. Truth was the queens would be transforming the grooms into brides. They would have to be aisle-ready but also have a family resemblence to their now drag mothers. This meant the queens had to incorporate some of their signature make-up looks and fashion sense into their wedding drag designs.

The queens got some feedback from the happy couples to see what they had in mind for their transformations. Darienne’s couple were looking for a Sharon Needles look –  dark, edgy and gothic. The supplies the queens were given were mostly white, so incorporating black into the overall look could prove difficult.

Adore was just not ready for this task. She already failed miserably when it came to sewing in the first task. Had she learnt anything during the competition to help her succeed this week?

Bianca was ready and able for this challenge. She does this for a living and was sure to sail into next week. Joslyn promised a demure and elegant bride, but her bride-to-be seemed very reluctant about the whole scenario. He was scared about what his basketball teammates would say once they saw him on the show, but with some encouragement from Courtney, Joslyn managed to plaster him in make-up and force him into a gown.

After hours of wigs and fabric flying through the workroom, the queens hit the runway. First up was Joslyn. Her drag daughter, Bradonna Fox braved the runway looking like a car crash.


Brandonna’s make-up was awful; it didn’t blend with the colour of his skin and his outfit wasn’t much better either. He had to run from the runway for a sick bucket. Next up, Courtney welcomed Rien Act to the runway. Courtney totally took attention away from her drag daughter, with her sexy ‘nude’ dress overshadowing Rien’s matronly look.

Bianca hesitantly gave her daughter, Fifi Del Rio away. She played mother of the bride perfectly and there was clear family resemblance between them both. Her daughter’s dress was seamless and the little pop of yellow from Bianca’s dress really sold it.

Then Darienne came down the runway with a really upset looking Michelle Visage. Her drag daughter, Ann Drogyny was head to toe black. Darienne made it campy by adding a little moment where she spray painted the bouquet of flowers black. Darienne’s look was very simple but it blended well with her daughter’s look.

Not so, for Adore. Her drag daughter, Honey Bun looked like her make-up had been applied with a shotgun.


Honey’s leather jacket was a cool added accessory, but I think it was used to hide a multitude of sins.

Finally we had Ben with Suzette á la Mode. Suzette’s wedding dress was like a costume Ben had worn previously on the runway – it had the de la Creme stamp all over it.

Judgement was made and Bianca became the clear winner of this week’s challenge. This made it her third win in the competition. Not surprisingly Adore and Joslyn ended up the bottom two. This was their second time having to lip sync, and this week’s song was ‘Think’ by Aretha Franklin. Both queens owned the lipsync, but Joslyn’s outfit was particularly awful.


Adore went to church with the song and constantly stole the limelight, so it was no surprise that Joslyn was sent packing.


With two straight episodes at the bottom of the heap, all eyes will be on Adore next week. Will her thrift shop drag get her far in next week’s jewellery-inspired pageant show?


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