TV Recap: RuPaul's Drag Race 6, Ep 11

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As RuPaul’s Drag Race races into towards the final showdown, Alan Finnegan recaps the most shocking exit of the season so far.



Fresh from Joslyn’s elimination in last week’s show, the game didn’t let up for one little minute. This time the mini-challenge was all to do with puppetry. The queens were blindfolded and had to choose puppets that represented their fellow competitors. The girls had to then drag up the puppets and use them to impersonate each other.

Adore imitated Ben’s voice perfectly, while Bianca easily blasted some classic Adore lines – PARTY! Darienne and Courtney awkwardly bashed each other with their puppets (Courtney looked like she was struggling, but she owned it by the end).  Ben embodied Bianca by howling profanities and calling everyone out.


Not surprisingly, Ben was the mini-challenge winner. The queens then found out they were invited to a Glitter Ball. They each had to make three outfit changes on the runway. Adore looked worried and she had reason to be. She has been on the bottom of all challenges related to creating outfits.

Having won the mini-challenge, Ben was in charge of what kind of jewellery the queens would be working with. Ben got Rose Quartz, Adore was given Diamonds, Bianca had to work with Sapphires, Darienne was going to be wearing Topaz and Courtney was left with Rubys (poor thing).

When RuPaul was talking to Adore, we become more aware of how stressed she has become. She broke down and RuPaul gave her some typical words of drag wisdom.

On the other hand, Bianca wasn’t going to struggle with this challenge. Is there anything this queen can’t do? Darienne struggled with her outfit. She even had to scrap one and redo it while other contestants were buried deep in fabric.


As a surprise part of the challenge, the queens were asked to do a number on the main stage on front of the judges. Having won the mini-challenge, Ben got another reward. She was in charge of chorography. Not really a reward, though, if the routine sucks. Ben’s ass was on the line.

With help from the other queens, he managed to work out some kind of routine, but once they started performing it was obvious they’d used up all their energy making their outfits. The whole thing was so basic compared to other years.

Next came the runway extravaganza. The first look was Banjee Girl Bling. Darienne looked awful in a cat suit that was just not pretty and a pair of shoes that should be burnt. Courtney looked like an ordinary rock chick, pretty but boring. Adore clearly had the advantage, having known many a banjee girl in her youth. She killed the runway in a pair of knee-high glitter-boots. Then, of course, there was Bianca…


The next look was called Platinum Card Executive Realness, and Bianca won this for me. She packed herself into a bad-ass power-suit, ready to make employees quiver. Darienne, on the other hand, looked like she was going for a jog. Ben de la Creme’s outfit was too pretty to pull off stern persona she was trying to portray. Adore just owned the runway as a sexy, slutty receptionist.

The third and final look was Dripping in Jewels Eleganza. Ben’s outfit had her name all over it. That girl does love her corsets. The same can be said for Bianca. She doesn’t stray too far from her basic look. We want to be surprised by contestants at this point in the competition – versatility makes for a winning ticket. What doesn’t make a winner is a droopy, unflattering dress, as worn by Darienne for this look. It was just awful!

I loved Courtney’s glittery make-up and brown wig. Her outfit appeared to be fine, but on a closer look it turned out to be just a piece of fabric attached to a bikini. Meanwhile, Adore really came through on this outfit. It was basically a corset and a tutu, but she put on a real show on the runway.

Even though she had been full of woe and worries, Adore took the top prize, while Ben and Darienne ended up in the bottom two together, again.

My money was on Ben. She has won so many challenges and does okay lipsyncs, while Darienne brings negativity to every episode and hasn’t outshone anyone.

But Ben stumbled on some of her words, while Darienne owned the emotion of the Kelly Clarkson track. When push came to shove, Ben de la Creme was eliminated.


It was so disappointing! Ben deserved to get further than Darienne in the competition. Does Ru want more bitter drama from Darienne to spice up the final few episodes? Either way, I never thought Ben de la Creme would have gone all the way to a win.  in the end. The crown will be heading straight for Bianca’s mantelpiece by the looks of it.

Next week’s finale, as always, is a music video challenge. The girls will be acting and performing for Ru’s new track ‘Sissy That Walk’.

If you thought RuPaul was the only one making drag queens squirm, The Ringmaster’s Drag Race in Dublin’s Dragon bar is filling the void between episodes.

Last Friday night the contestants were made to wear sashes just before the elimination process. Paul Ryder commanded the queens and king to remove their sashes and place them on a contestant that they felt should be bottom of the race. The contestants with most sashes would face the lipsync and could possibly leave the competition.

Unfortunately one queen, Sandy Kandy, struggled with the words during the lipsync and was booted from the show. Michelle Visage is due to join the judging panel on the May 30. I pity the queen who messes up on front of her.


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