TV Recap: RuPaul's Drag Race 6, Ep 12


Alan Finnegan recaps the penultimate episode of season six on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and it’s not a pretty sight (some of the time, at least).


Michelle Visage arrived in workroom to announce the final challenge of season six. The queens, she said, would star in RuPaul’s new music video ‘Sissy That Walk.’ They would be required to act, lipsync and dance their asses off.

Without delay the queens were introduced to choreographer Jamal Sims. As they started learning their moves, the queens were in their elements as they watched Miss Bianca struggle hard. It was good to see her finally sweat. Bianca wasn’t the only one requiring extra attention from Jamal. Darienne was not with the programme at all.

As with all Drag Race finales it was then time for a final tête-à-tête with RuPaul. As always, we got a little bit more insight into how the queens have grown throughout the competition.

It was obvious that Courtney was hungry for the win, but has she grown or shown us a different side during the competition? I don’t think so. She looks amazing and clearly has some talent, but she didn’t show any versatility when it came to looks.


Darienne’s insecurities also came to the forefront during her conversation with RuPaul. Her mother always belittled when him when he was younger because he was gay. Bianca, meanwhile, came to the realisation that she has enjoyed teaching the younger queens and isn’t the heartless bitch she makes herself out to be. Adore was given some extra wisdom from RuPaul, to help her gather some strength for the last lap of the season.

The queens then went on set to do the choreography as a group. Bianca finally got it together and was in sync with Courtney, while Darienne and Adore were a little off kilter.


For their solos, the girls had to lipsync while walking on a treadmill in heels. Bianca was first up. She stumbled a little, but held it together enough to get a good shot. Courtney was a little manic during her turn. Adore was owning the lipsync so much that Darienne copied one of her moves.


Then again can you copyright a move like that, can you? Darienne gave us face-face-face for her portion of the lipsync, after which queens threw off their dancing shoes and leapt into their acting scenes with Ru.

Adore was amazing. She switched from being hilariously innocent to a broken down, melodramatic diva. It was all very reminiscent of her Snatch Game version of Anna Nicole, and very convincing.

Courtney was funny in front of the camera to start with, even if she seemed a little lost at some points. Her second scene was just a bit too messy. She was trying to look dishevelled and un-Courtney-like, to show variety but she went overboard and it didn’t work.

Darienne was a snooze for the majority of her scenes. She knew she was in trouble, so she pulled it out of the bag to end on a high. It was too little too late for me – this queen should have been putting in that kind of effort all season long. She spent far too much energy over the weeks worrying about who her biggest competition was, and less on the tasks at hand.

Bianca, as always, played it perfectly. She made the scenes her own and she nailed it on improvisation nailed.

The queens had to bring their best drag to the final runway to impress the judges. Adore was sparkling on the runway in a ‘trashy mermaid’ dress that was totally true to her aesthetic. Courtney gave plenty of Farrah Fawcett realness with her look. Darienne didn’t bring any sparkles to the final, thank the good gay Lord. Instead she wore a fringed outfit that really showed off her body. Bianca, of course, sashayed down the runway in a super-glamorous gown. Would we expect anything different?

After each queen pleaded her case, RuPaul revealed there was no bottom two this week. All four queens had to perform RuPaul’s new track together on-stage, which was a lot of pressure. No queen wants to half-ass a RuPaul track and face her afterwards.


All four queens owned the song and delivered it in their own individual ways. Adore manically controlled the runway, putting some sass into her sissy walk. Bianca was subtly dominating, grabbing attention with her long gown and big eyes. Courtney relied on being pretty, coming on like a sultry pop star dancing along to the beat. Darienne gave us face and lips. No surprise there, but she always succeeds in impressing during her lipsync performances.

When it came time to knocking it down to the final three, Darienne got the chop. I think she managed to get further in the competition than she should have. She really should have been given the boot after her awful performance in the rap challenge.

I don’t think Courtney has a chance of winning. Her final look was almost exactly like her entrance look, and she hasn’t shown any variety in the competition. Considering she calls herself Australian’s Drag Superstar, she should be happy with her worldwide exposure thanks to the show.

Adore, of all the queens, has grown throughout the competition. She knows her strengths and what she needs to work on. Her look is her own look; she doesn’t require grand costumes and expensive labels. She is the trashy drag queen from Azusa after all. But even though she is one of my favourites, I don’t think she has it in the bag.

Bianca has had her eyes firmly on that prize all season long. She is the most professional, quick witted and polished queen that we have seen on the show, ever. Crown her already, RuPaul!

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