TV Recap: RuPaul’s Drag Race 6, Ep 5


It’s Snatch Game time again on RuPaul’s Drag Race! Alan Finnegan recaps queens’ celebrity impressions and their fall-out.


At the beginning of Episode 5, RuPaul announced it was Snatch Game time. There was no mini challenge this week, so the queens hurried off to get into their characters’ minds.

Anybody who enters this competition knows this game is coming. All they have to do is pick a celebrity character with a big personality, to imitate.

This year the majority of the queens were good little Scouts and came prepared. And then there was Gia. For the first time in the competition we saw her struggling. She had an idea in mind, but after chatting with RuPaul she knew it wasn’t going to cut it. As Snatch Game approached, she was left scrambling. Milk too was unsure whether her character would work, but she was determined. There was no swaying her choice.

Cue the titles…. and Snatch Game was in full swing, the strong competitors instantly fighting for the spotlight.

Bianca was head-to-toe Judge Judy.


She didn’t need to bust a blood vessel to get into Judy’s head. She hammered away and humorously got involved with the other queens when it wasn’t even her turn. It may have seemed rude, but to win this challenge those girls needed to keep on their toes and fight back, as seen by Ben De La Creme’s quip to Trinity about originating the English language. That is how you take a remark from a competitor and use it to your advantage.

Other stars on the panel of faux celebrities were Adore as Anna Nicole Smith. You can tell that Adore has done this before. She had the mannerisms, the look and the slurred speech of Anna down pat. Darienne played a pre-racism scandal version of Paula Deen. Had the show been filmed after Paula’s recent tabloid troubles, it could have been awkward and a tad offensive (and maybe a little more interesting), but Darienne portrayed the character acceptably.

Courtney, Trinity and Joslyn faded into the background a little on this challenge. They had a handle on their characters but they weren’t strong enough to outshine the other queens.



The three weakest Snatch Game queens this season were Milk, Laganja and Gia.

Milk had no funny remarks to make as Julia Child. She bore some resemblance of the famous cook, but that was about it. Laganja played a high-octane robotic version of Rachel Zoe. Zoe was a good character to pick, had Laganja done it right. Gia, after her choosing debacle, went with Kim Kardashian.

It was a safe choice, as Gia has been likened to a Kardashian before. If she had had time to prepare, she could have made it hilarious. But she didn’t and it wasn’t.

As the challenge came to a close, we were aware that one of the three was doomed.

All they had left to redeem themselves was the runway. The category was ‘Night of a 1,000 Rus.’ The queens had to step into Ru’s shoes and recreate some of her famous looks over the years.

The stand-outs on the runway were Trinity and Ben de la Creme. Both exuded RuPaul realness with their gowns and make-up. Just before the runway Trinity was seen looking at a photograph of Ru as she carefully applied her make-up. That added measure to perfect the look showed on the runway. She also made her dress from scratch to match Ru’s.

This week on Untucked, in a brave move, Trinity revealed that she was HIV positive. She didn’t turn her revelation into a pity-me party. Instead she showed her support and mutual respect for other people going through similar experiences. Now, that is how you have a moment – take note Laganja.

The ‘meh’s’ this week were Milk and Darienne. Milk came out dressed as RuPaul from the workroom. She was suited, booted and bald. We have seen Milk’s looks get zanier as the weeks have gone by, which is great, but the winner of Drag Race has to be versatile. Eventually, Milk is going to have to glam it up. It may go against her aesthetic, but it’s what this competition requires.

Darienne just wore another basic glittery gown with a mask. Nuff said.


The winner was obvious – Ben de la Creme, who scored high in her Snatch Game performance and in her imitation of RuPaul on the runway. The bottom two were Laganja and Gia, with Milk just about skating by for another week.

Once the music kicked in for Lipsynch For Your Life, the runway turned into a battle zone. Laganja, renowned for her slick moves, grabbed immediate attention with a death-drop, and it didn’t stop there. She was twirling, doing splits, slut-dropping, pulling every trick she had out of her bag.

The tricks in Gia’s bag, though limited, were out on show. She had a subtle outfit-change at the back of the runway. And by subtle I mean we watched the back of her gown as the song played away. The turn-around for an outfit change needs to be quick.

Both girls had the song down, but Laganja was front and centre with her dancing antics. Poor Gia was sent packing.


Hopefully Laganja sending people home at the last innings won’t become a common theme. If she fails challenges, she needs to kick the Drag Race bucket.

Next week the girls will be rapping. This show has everything

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