TV Recap: RuPaul's Drag Race 6, Ep 7 & 8


Alan Finnegan recaps this week’s RuPersized double episode of Drag Race. Would two queens be forced to shashay away?


The main challenge this week gave a hint as to what the girls would be doing in this episode. They had to sell a piece of food on camera for 30 seconds, just using their hands that were glitterfied with long claw like nails. Laganja came out the winner!

Nuts and Potatoes weren’t the only things the girls would be selling this week. For the main challenge they had to promote RuPaul’s Glamazon cosmetic line.

The girls were teamed up and the pairings were obviously based on which queens weren’t getting along. Trinity and Bianca were paired up as the ‘Working Women’, Ben and Darienne were the ‘Cougars’, Laganja and Adore had to transform into ‘Mean Girls’ – and finally Courtney and Joslyn had to become ‘Hot Mamas’.

As Laganja won the mini challenge she and Adore got extra time to film on set.

The groups started work immediately and it was obvious that trouble was brewing. Courtney had another jab at Joslyn about being a weaker version of her. Darienne was giving Ben attitude as they worked together, while Laganja and Adore were holding back their annoyance with each other. Elsewhere Bianca was holding Trinity together to complete this weeks challenge. You could already tell that yet again Trinity was already thinking she would struggle at the challenge.

Filming began and some of the queens were feeling the pressure. Laganja was underperforming compared to Adore’s comedic edge as a Mean Girl. Courtney and Joslyn were just deer caught in the headlights, they still hadn’t figured out the logistics of their advert. It made for awkward viewing. Trinity was struggling but was pushed through by Bianca’s reminders that she was well capable of playing a prostitute who sells make up. Ben and Darienne just seemed like another cringe mess. I did like their plastic surgery looks though.

Once they filmed their commercials, the girls started stomping down the runway. The theme for this week was black and white. My favourites were Trinity and Bianca. Bianca was skunk realness and Trinity was bringing some domino down the runway. They both looked fierce.

Courtney finally showed us something interesting with her campy version of a tuxedo.

Joslyn came out with the same idea but failed. She just wore a similar look as last week but in a different colour. It is turning out to be very Joslyn vs Courtney at the moment.  Courtney has been criticised for her unpolished looks and clearly doesn’t see her as a threat. But who will come out on top?

Darienne wore another glittery outfit, SHOCK!! Laganja’s outfit this week just looked messy. Her pants and top look unfinished, her wig was uneven and looked on the verge of falling off.

Once the queens were finished strutting their stuff, the infomercials were shown to the judges.

Adore and Laganja ticked every box. They were both funny, it was obvious what they were selling and they looked good.

Trinity and Bianca BOTH owned their infomercial. Trinity was equally as funny as Bianca on front of the camera and shone just as brightly. Ben and Darienne’s was just awkward, there was virtually no interaction between the both of them. It wasn’t even obvious that they were selling make-up. Finally, Courtney and Joslyn’s commercial just looked unprepared and sloppy. They clearly hadn’t thought their idea through as the make-up barely made an appearance.

Despite Michelle Visage’s disappointment the winners were Laganja and Adore with Ben and Darienne being put in the bottom.

Both girls twirled into action when the music began. Their skills were evenly matched despite Ben’s battle with her dress when she made her outfit change. There really is no point changing outfits if you can’t do it fast.

RuPaul impressed by both the girls allowed them both to stay. Darienne seemed very disappointed she didn’t have the honour of kicking Ben the curb.

Just when we got over the shock of a non elimination the next episode jump started and this time nobody could be save.

The mini challenge this week was a lip sync challenge. They had to perform a lipsync using just their chin and mouth.  They could add accessories like hair, make-up and some little eyes. Everyone was on spot even though Adore lost both her eyes. The winner ended up being Joslyn.

And with that, the main challenge was revealed. The girls would have to write and perform a comedy show on front of a live audience. Joslyn having won the mini challenge could choose the ordering of the show.

The girls split up and started work on their routines. Yet again, Trinity doubted her ability. It is 8 episodes into this competition, Trinity should know by now she can turn out a challenge.

Just as the girls were about to take the stage for their stand-up performances, RuPaul threw a curve ball. The live audience they would be performing to would consist of senior citizens. Would their jokes reach that kind of audience???

First up was Darienne who as always proved she could crack a joke. Taking away the fact she comes across mean and bitter, Darienne could be a strong competitor. Courtney stuck to her talents and sang a song. It fell flat on its face and had the audience mildly entertained. Adore was really at the wrong gig with her routine. I’m sure some of the audience didn’t know what a cholo version of Katy Perry would look like let alone who Katy Perry was. Ben was far from funny. Her timing was awful and she got heckled. She leapt offstage before them old folks got mean. Laganja was out of her element on this one.

Nothing charms the elderly more than making them aware of their receding hairline and dry vaginas.

Trinity yet again shocked us all by doing well in a challenge. Does her strategy involve her making us think she will tank?  She was hilarious, when she performs she becomes a much more confident person. Joslyn started well and then just flopped and placed herself before Bianca. Big mistake because we know Bianca already had this challenge won. Bianca was quick with her jokes, funny and interacted with her audience.

The outfits this week were very lacklustre. Darienne weirdly wore nothing that glittered or sparkled, so unlike her. Adore’s look was kind of messy, it was nothing special. I am hoping she hasn’t used up all her good outfits. Joslyn’s look was good but wasn’t fitted properly. It looked saggy in some places, had it been skin tight it would have looked much better.

Unsurprisingly Bianca won the main challenge while Joslyn and Laganja were left in the bottom two.

This lipsync was completely up in the air as soon as they started. Laganja can preform but would Joslyn be able to keep up with her. Once they got into it we knew that Joslyn was more than capable. We even got an iconic Drag Race moment…

They both dropped into splits in sync. GOLD. They both owned the song and brought their own individual spin to it. Laganja even did a wig change.

Somebody had to go though and Laganja was given her marching orders.


Laganja really struggled with coming across as genuine. She really would have struggled in next week’s challenge. The girls have to host their very own talk show.  But once they got into it we got iconic moment, had it been skin tight it would have looked better.

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