TV Recap: RuPaul's Drag Race 6, Ep 9

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Alan Finnegan recaps this week’s cringe-tastic episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


First, as always, we had the mini challenge! It was a game of Hung Man. It was a very RuPaul version of Hang Man. Enter a band of male models wearing nothing but Scruff underwear. Hidden on the back of their underwear was letters. When the models lined up the back of their underwear would spell out a word containing the word ass.  The queens had to guess the word as it was slowly being revealed. The scores were pretty even, but Ben de la Creme ended up winning the mini challenge. She won herself a year supply of eye lashes. She didn’t get an advantage in this weeks challenge like previous weeks. This competition is getting a lot tougher.

RuPaul then revealed this week’s main challenge.  The girls would be taking over as host of the RuPaul show. Each of the queens would be interviewing Chaz Bono and his grandmother Georgia Holt together on the RuPaul show.

The queens started work on preparing for the interview. Shockingly, Trinity was feeling very positive about the challenge this week. Trinity has definitely come into her own in the competition. As well as Chaz Bono and Georgia Holt, the judging panel would also feature Paula Abdul. It was going to be an American Idol reunion. Adore had competed on the show when Abdul was a judge. With this in mind, Adore was ready to impress this blast from the past.


Roll the titles and let the cringing begin as RuPaul’s talk show was hitting the airwaves.

First off was Adore who was showing her nerves. She didn’t know anything about the Great Depression so missed the mark on this one. Bianca wasn’t her usual witty self. She didn’t ask Georgia any questions and the interview didn’t scream her usual Del Rio style. Ben was very personable which the judges want and she got some good answers from Chaz and Georgia. Courtney was a natural as a host, she seemed genuinely interested in what they had to say. Darienne just fell flat, she was a nervous wreck. She tried a Cher impression and the crickets chirped soon after. Trinity’s interview was very light, but she got Chaz’s name wrong. My face was red for her. Finally, Joslyn, my face was hidden behind a pillow during her interview. It all started off quirky and fun very Joslyn, but then all – of a sudden – we were talking about abortion. Joslyn brought up the fact that Georgia had almost aborted her superstar daughter Cher. It just came out of nowhere and was so flippant. It was just so awkward.

What made it worse was that Joslyn hadn’t a clue she’d offended Georgia. Would this hurt her at judging?

Next up was the runway. The theme this week was Animal.  I liked Darienne’s elephant outfit this week, only because it was something new and different from previous weeks. She avoided the sparkle that she seems so fond of. Adore’s panther outfit was slick and sexy, I did think she was reaching by saying it was a panther, but I loved the mask. I have been waiting for Ben’s outfit for weeks after seeing it previewed in the trailer. She crawled down the runway as a lifesize bug. She was epitomizing a fashionista bug on that runway. Bianca’s cheetah outfit was cool, it looked a little frumpy at the bottom but it was a pass. Joslyn yet again just misses the mark with her outfit. She wasn’t any kind of animal. She proudly showed her decorated ‘meaty’ tuck and was overdone with accessorizes as usual. It may be her aesthetic, but it just reads “rushed and messy”. Trinity blazed the runway as a phoenix, she looked amazing. Lastly, came Courtney who flew onto the runway as an eagle. Once those wings opened it was a spectacle.

I wasn’t a fan of the breast plate part of her outfit, it let the rest of the outfit down.

The results were in and Courtney was crowned the winner. Her ease as a host and her impressive outfit scored her a second win. Adore’s nervousness and habit of being unprepared put her in the bottom two. Trinity soon followed due to getting Chaz’s name wrong and her nerves getting in the way. Joslyn was safe despite making her guests uncomfortable. You could really tell she was apologetic about the comment and was really embarrassed but should she have been in the bottom two?

The lipsync this week was Vibeology by Paula Abdul. The queens rocked the song, they had to. You would not want to make a balls of somebody’s song right in front of them. Adore’s lipsync so fun, she really brought a lot of her character into it. And she added in some gymnastics, which is always fun.

Trinity was bringing it too as she skipping around the runway. It was good to see the comradery between them both as they lip-synced. It made the performance so much better.

At the end of the day, one of these queens had to go and Trinity took the honour. She seemed so happy with the decision. She definitely wanted out of their and home to her family. She did make the most of her experience and learnt so much from Ru and the other queens.

Next week the girls get their make up skills in order. They have to transform straight

grooms into blushing brides. Easy right?


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