TV Recap: RuPaul's Drag Race 6, Ep 3

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Alan Finnegan gives us the scoop on the latest episode RuPaul’s Drag Race. Season six is starting to get juicy!


After three weeks of waiting, the queens finally reunite in this week’s episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race. It was time to see whether dynamics would change once the groups merged as one. The queens seemed to be very committed to staying strong within their original groups. They welcomed each other to the competition – but of course there was a lot of eyeing up going on! The library had an earlier opening this season and everybody had their reading glasses on.


The girls had some strong opinions towards each other. It will be interesting to see how opinions change as the competition progresses.

In their first mini challenge together, the queens are forced to work with a girl that was not from their original group. They had to lipsync to a classic RuPaul song ‘Click Clack’ while one member of the group had to play the top half of the body while the other had to play the bottom half.

Winning team member Adore comically sang along to the track sporting a gap tooth, while Milk added her long legs to the mix. Having won, they were able to choose the members of their group for the main challenge.

The main challenge this week was that the girls had to act out horror films entitled ‘Drag Race Me To Hell’. One of the films was set in the 60s, and the other was based in the 80s.

When choosing began, it was obvious how it was going to play out. The teams ended up being the original grouping. There was no crossing enemy lines this episode!

It was very obvious which team wasn’t making the grade once filming began. Adore’s team didn’t know their dialogue, didn’t know whether they were supposed to be in front of the camera and they kept stepping over each others lines. It was obvious these girls had not practiced. Their only saving grace was Ben De la Creme who played the creepy mother. With such an awful performance and clearly messy preparation, did this mean that Adore’s head was bound to be on the cutting block?

The other team did have the upper hand with the clearly camera ready Bianca and Courtney. They both stole the opening scene of their horror film. From the looks of it, they barely made any mistakes and didn’t need any direction. This had Trinity shaking in her boots who described herself as the acting virgin.

Bianca has absolutely no patience for Trinity.  Especially during the acting challenge when Trinity started making mistakes. Hopefully she doesn’t overdo her jibes towards her. I like Bianca and would hate for her insult humour to be misconstrued as nastiness.



After filming, the girls took to the runway. They had to bring out their best drag to wow the judges. The stand outs this week were Bianca and Milk. Both girls had a clear image of their characters in mind when they walked the runway which I like.  Milk was a modelesque take on Pinocchio and Bianca was an old Hollywood starlet who just buried her third husband.

The weak looks this week were Gia’s and April’s. Gia’s was just boring and this was supposed to be her best drag. I didn’t see any originality with this outfit. She looked good but it didn’t scream winner to me. I did love the umbrella part of April’s look but the outfit was very Paddington Bear goes to the beach. I didn’t like the big yellow slicker part of her outfit. It didn’t shape her at all.

Vivacious was in another league of her own this week. That body suit with protruding cones placed all over was just something else.

The judging commenced and once the films were shown, it was obvious who had won. Team Milk!

Team Adore got an awkward silence with some light clapping from Lena Headley once their film ended. Darienne Lake was crowned the winner in her group. She was cast as the head in her group. Even though she had a small part she owned the role. Mirrored in the other group though, despite having the easiest job in the film by also being cast at the head with very few lines. Vivacious managed to make us suffer through stumbling through her lines and a very awkward long silence.

Adore was scolded by RuPaul for not working as hard as she should be. Adore was the least prepared and she had dished out the roles as team leader, without any thought. It was clear a lot of the girls in her group were miscast, and it showed during the, viewing of the film.

Vivacious along with April who just couldn’t work the balance between butch lesbian and drag queen made the bottom two this week. Adore was saved by the skin of her teeth yet again. She really needs to step her game up, she can only be saved so many times.

Both April and Vivacious were hungry for success when they sang along to the Selena Gomez track. They both knew the words and there wasn’t any stumbles or controversial moves. There was fire in April’s eyes, and Vivacious was pulling out all her old school moves. When it came down to the final decision, RuPaul had to give it to April. It was the last coned bodysuit we will ever see of Vivacious’ on the RuPaul runway.

Vivacious certainly had the personality for Drag Race but unfortunately she wasn’t cut out for the challenges. I think had she been more versatile and open to change she may have had a better chance. There is only so many body suits we can take before we get bored!

Struggling so badly in the acting challenge this week showed she wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Especially when next week the girls will be split into two groups again and have to do a live production of RuPaul’s new musical Shade: the Rusical. 

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