Twitter Reacts To 'The Only Gay In The Village' In The Best Way Possible

The Only Gay In The Village shot showing a vote yes equality team holding the giant YES letters

Yesterday RTE 2 screened the documentary ‘The Only Gay In The Village’ and people around the country thought it was fantastic


RTE 2’s new documentary ‘The Only Gay In The Village’ aired last night and people’s reactions couldn’t have been better.

The show was praised for representing rural Ireland in a positive light, with families coming together to support members of the LGBT community.

‘The Only Gay In The Village’ looks at the experiences of LGBT people in rural Ireland, both the good and bad.

Focussing on a group of LGBT people around the country and their experiences coming out, familial relations and being LGBT outside of the big Irish cities.




The majority of stories shown in the show are overwhelmingly positive.

Roscommon farmer Will Keane campaigned heavily for marriage equality in the same-sex marriage referendum last year despite the county’s majority No vote. Keane had never told his father that he was gay.

Cathy Keane, mother of Shauna Keane, explains how initially she couldn’t get to grips with her daughter’s sexuality.

“I went into complete denial,” Cathy reveals about discovering her daughter was a lesbian.

“And I must say not because she had come out as being gay, but I couldn’t believe that as a mother I had missed it. You know, I just felt that as a mother I had let her down so badly.”



“Did you ever think that we would stop loving you honey, did that ever cross your mind I wonder,” Cathy asks her daughter.

“Yeah,” Shauna admits. “I know it’s such a horrible thing to think but I think just because you do be so scared that we’d never have the same relationship, and that was really scary.”


“My priority would be that she has a happy life, if that’s something people don’t consider normal, I don’t care,” Cathy says.

This TV show is available to watch on the RTE Player by clicking here, and will be available until Friday 9 December 2016.

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