This Twitter Thread Sums Up What It’s Like To Be A Woman Using Uber

A woman's Twitter thread went viral after she shared what goes through her head when using car-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

Image of a taxi in the rain. A woman's Twitter thread went viral after she shared her experience using Uber and Lyft.

A woman’s twitter thread went viral after her experience using ride-sharing apps proved to be very relatable. Jill Gutowitz took to the social media platform to share an example of a situation which would be considered “normal” for men, but potentially very dangerous for women.

In the initial tweets, Gutowitz highlighted how ride-sharing and taxi apps such as Uber and Lyft can quickly become a dangerous place for women and queer people travelling alone:

“Male Uber/Lyft drivers often ask me and ONLY at night when I’m alone, after we’re already en route, ‘So, where are we headed?’ I’m careful not to say ‘home’.

“They already have the address so it’s not a real inquiry – they want to know what this destination is to me. If I reiterate the name of my neighbourhood to keep it ambiguous, they push further: ‘Is that home for you?’ or, ‘Friend’s house? Boyfriends?'”

Gutowitz observed that the safest move for her is to say she is going to a male partner’s home, as it is, “the only way they’ll lay off”. She pointed to the underlying sexist mechanism behind this pattern, as it demonstrates that, for some men, “they’re willing to respect another man, but not me.”

Her feelings expressed in the Twitter thread were recognised by many on the social media platform with one Twitter user joining the conversation:

“Only when travelling alone, have I had male Uber drivers asking me if that was my home, if I live alone, am I single, it’s so inappropriate. They only ever lay off if I respond about a male partner. They stop speaking to me after this, it’s not just conversation.”

Gutowitz highlighted that being in a taxi by oneself can be particularly dangerous for queer people and people of colour:

“Don’t ever forget that women, especially WOC and queer women have targets on our backs. So, no, white men, this isn’t a “dangerous” time for you. It never will be.”

Uber has been banned from operating private car rides in Ireland as the National Transport Authority has said that operating an unregulated taxi service would undermine the regulated taxi sector.

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