Twitter User Declares Today #HeterosexualPrideDay, Twitter Responds Accordingly

Twitter user tells people to stay straight for #heterosexualprideday on left, man and woman kissing on right

Because heterosexuals need to fear walking down the street and getting attacked for holding hands, there is now #HeterosexualPrideDay


One Twitter user decided that today, Wednesday 29 June, would be heterosexual Pride day so that they don’t feel excluded from the Pride month festivities.

What the ill-informed person does not seem to realise is that by being heterosexual one is already treated by Western society as equal (although recent xenophobic behaviour following #Brexit might call even this into question).

Let the Twitterazi have at it:


One Twitter user says the only #HeterosexualPrideDay was twenty two years ago, when Simba was born.

Another jibes at the conventional wisdom that wearing an ear piercing in your left ear makes you not gay.


Here we have the official #HeterosexualPrideDay dates announced:


Zara in New York highlights the fact that heterosexual people can walk down the street without getting harassed or beaten because of their sexuality.


Another Twitter user is glad that “straights” can show affection in public and tie the knot.


The Awkward Yeti likens the creator of the hashtag to the kid who cries at someone else’s party because nobody brought them a present.


Here’s a map of the world, with all of the countries in which being straight can get you killed highlighted in red. What’s that, observant reader? None of them are red?


This next one speaks for itself – press play.


And finally, this tweet sums up in an easily understood way, why we needed gay pride.

It reads: “Gay Pride was not born out of a need to celebrate being gay, but instead our right to exist without prosecution… So maybe instead of wondering why there isn’t a straight pride month or movement, straight people should be thankful they don’t need on.”

Whether #HeterosexualPrideDay was created without the intent of belittling the Pride movement or not, those who are spreading the message of heterosexual pride should have a look at the hardship suffered by the LGBT community before they take it any further.

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