Twitter User On A Quest To Find The 'Cali Girl' She Kissed In Porterhouse Over The Weekend

Move over Sleepless in Seattle, an Irish love story is developing before our eyes as Twitter attempts to reunite Kasey with a girl she kissed in Porterhouse on Saturday.


What better way to kick off a Monday then by joining the quest to reunite a gal with her potential soul mate?

Kasey Daye put out a call on Twitter for a “Cali girl” who kissed her in the toilets in the Porterhouse on Grafton Street during the weekend.

Posting on Twitter, Kasey put out the appeal saying:

“An appeal for the Cali girl who lives in Cork and was in Porterhouse on Grafton Street last night and kissed me in the bathroom.


Since then the tweet has been shared over 60 times but don’t buy your wedding hat just yet, there is still no sign of the Cali girl.

Kasey appeared on Cork’s 96fm’s Opinion Line this morning where she sent another callout and we are waiting with bated breath to see if she finds her mysterious girl.

Speaking to GCN, Kasey filled us in on what happened on Saturday night…

“It basically happened on Saturday night. I was in the Porterhouse bar on Grafton Street in Dublin and I noticed this amazing looking girl sitting at a table across from me.

“She was wearing a nude dress and has a quarter sleeve tattoo on her shoulder and blonde hair and I thought she was gorgeous.

“Reason I noticed her, is because she had had a drink spilt on her and I wanted to help clear it up but I saw she had help.

“So, a few minutes later, I went to the bathroom where she and her friend were standing and they started talking to me and said they were from California but she lives in cork and her friend lives in Dublin.

“The girl told me she’d seen me making out with a girl earlier and that I looked like a great kisser and she wished she could kiss me, and then she just went for it.

“I gotta say it was pretty magical. I couldn’t find her after, so I tweeted with the hope I can buy her dinner or something and possibly kiss her again”

Needless to say, the LGBT+ community must now come together and help find this California girl who lives in Cork and has a friend in Dublin, it is our duty!!

Share this far and wide and let’s help reunite the pair!

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