Ultimate Queer Guide To Live Collision Festival 2018

Live Collision International Festival presents some of the most daring and beautiful work of our time, and is Ireland’s leading curatorial model of live art. The line-up this year includes a number of LGBT+ themed performances that are must-sees.

Live Collision Queer Line Up

Live Collision kicks off a week long festival of performance art and it’s looking mighty fine. There are a number of acts that have caught our queer eye and here are some of the events for you to check out over the next few days.

Wednesday, 25 And Thursday 26 April

The Comforter

Part ritual, part prayer, part rowdy revivalist rally, The Comforter is a rite of passage that reclaims spirituality and proposes a new perspective on the church. Exchanging psalms and sacrament for 80s and 90s pop culture, it draws inspiration from ‘Twin Peaks’ and Ingmar Bergman whilst throwing a kiss to George Michael.

The Comforter follows the powerfully moving and absurdly humorous Vesper Time, forming the first two parts in a trilogy about the Holy Trinity. The Comforter is the Holy Ghost of the trio and asks the question: “What am I unwilling to feel?”

Read our exclusive interview with The Comforter’s solo star Stacy Makishi here.

Space: Cube, Project Arts Centre
Duration: 1hr 10mins
Festival Dates: Wed 25 + Thur 26 April 2018
Start time: 8.30pm on Wed 25 + 7pm on Thur 26 April
Ticket price: € 16/€14 concession



Thursday, 26 April


Live Collision Queer Line Up Bitesize

BITE SIZE // SCRATCH is a ‘curated’ fast and furious look at the current new blood / next generation artists who are making dynamic new work in Ireland. Irish artists and companies have limited opportunities to *Scratch live work, and Irish audiences have limited opportunities to engage in live processes ahead of final works. Therefore, Live Collision has curated a selection of companies to present as part of BITE SIZE // SCRATCH.


Friday, 27 April

DJ Workshop With bby & ELLL

Live Collision Line Up DJ Workshop Trans Live Art Salon

“Deejaying saved my life.” – bby

Do you like music? Do you like to dance? Are you that bish who’s always scrapping for the aux cord at the function? If so, bby (Club Comfort) and ELLL (Gash Collective) would love you to come hang with them for the afternoon of April 27th (from 2-4pm).

Deejaying is a skill that’s given us joy, companionship and pocket change (lol), and we’d love to share it with you. Come along for a relaxed and informal workshop in which we explain some of the basic concepts and skills behind selection, give some practical tips about how to get started, and provide you with a chance to practice the essential skills of mixing on standard equipment.

The workshop is aimed at absolute beginners with no previous experience, and all are welcome. We have a particular interest in teaching to women & queers, but no one is excluded! If you want to come mix with us we want you to be there.

Please RSVP to [email protected] for full details.

This work is part of TLAS@LCIF, a strand of programming presented in collaboration with Trans Live Art Salon


Trans Live Art Salon

Live Collision Line Up Trans Live Art Salon

An exciting selection of poetry and live art works in development from some our favourite trans artists in Ireland.  With short work from Aidan Wall, Rainbow Fadeyi, Ollie Bell, and Kate Kiernan, come experience new thoughts and fresh perspectives from Ireland’s emerging trans art scene.

Aidan Wall is a writer, musician, game designer and artist based between Dublin and Amsterdam. Their research revolves around the potential of games as experiences which can make transparent or reflect systems of governance under neoliberal capitalism. The output of this research takes the form of essays, fiction, publications, performances and tabletop games. The Deathsinger Prepares Her Song is a rumination on friendship in digital worlds, and death in digital communities. This performance drenches itself in the tension between the guilt of long play sessions and the meaningfulness of forming new friendships in these intricate game spaces.

Ollie Bell is a theatre maker and 3rd year drama and theatre student in Trinity College. They have performed in Me Too Monologues (Trinity College) and Big Love (Samuel Beckett Theatre). They have performed spoken word at QueerStock (The Complex) and Outspoken  (Players Theatre). Other credits include: The County Wife (Sound), All My Sons (Sound), House By The Sea (Crew), God’s Ear (Crew) and The Believers  (Props).

Kate Kiernan is a writer living and working in Dublin, her work explores death, time, and UFOs.

This work is part of TLAS@LCIF, a strand of programming presented in collaboration with Trans Live Art Salon

Trans Live Art Salon is a collective of trans and gender non-conforming artists and activists based in Dublin, Ireland. Our mission is to elevate and support work by trans artists of all backgrounds and to use art and culture to build community among and fully-accessible space for trans people across Ireland and abroad.

Space: Cube, Project Arts Centre
Duration: 35mins
Festival Dates:  Fri 27th April 2018
Ticket price: €10/€8 concession
Start time: 9.30pm



Saturday, 28 April


Live Collision Line Up Faultline

FAULTLINE is a work in development exploring the extensive and detailed Irish Queer Archive at the National Library of Ireland.

For this showing, Stephen Quinn and Matthew Williamson, examine in particular the events of January 20th, 1982, whereby a gay man Charles Self was murdered in Dublin. Nobody has ever been charged with his killing. Nearly 40 years later, those who knew him still grapple with the circumstances of his death and the controversial investigation that followed.


The Gardai raided a members-only gay club and confiscated the list of members at the club. They began making contact with everyone on the list and immediately began ‘outing’ an underground covert gay community overnight. This sent terror through the gay community and resulted in a mass exodus of the gay community out of Ireland and across the Irish sea to London and other major cities where anonymity and refuge could be sought.

Families across Ireland disowned their sons and daughters upon these revelations and unrepairable heartache was inflicted across the gay community. Almost 1,500 men were investigated. There was no going back.

Space: Cube, Project Arts Centre
Duration: 15 min performance followed by 30min discussion to contextualise the work & subject matter
Festival Dates: Sat 28 April 2018
Start time: 7pm
Ticket price: € 10/€8 concession




Live Collision Line Up Closing Party

Closing out an inspiring week of Irish and international Live art at LCIF, Trans Live Art Salon will be hosting an after party in Chelsea Drugstore from 11pm after kicking things off in Project bar to start. Behind the decks: All trans and enbie DJs from Trans Live Art Salon, Club Comfort and beyond.

In front of the decks: You, dancing ur hearts out.
Lovers of live art and lovers of bop equally welcome.

Feat. bby (Club Comfort), blusher (Patrúin) and Saerlaith (TLAS).

Space: Bar, Project Arts Centre
Duration: 2hr+
Festival Dates: Sat 28 April 2018
Start time: 9.45pm
Ticket price: Free

This work is part of TLAS@LCIF, a strand of programming presented in collaboration with Trans Live Art Salon.


To find out more about all of the events happening all over Dublin this week visit http://www.livecollision.com/

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