US DVD Cover For 'Pride' Censors LGBT Banners


An American DVD cover for the film ‘Pride’ has been scrubbed of all references to homosexuality.


The film, which is the true story of  LGBT activists in the 1980s who supported a Welsh village affected by the UK miners’ strikes, was a critical success when it was released in 2014 and has been nominated at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

However, the US release of the film makes no reference to homosexuality in the synopsis and has even had LGBT banners photoshopped out of the cover , with the characters merely described as “London-based activists”.

The original promotional image for ‘Pride’


CBS Films, who released the film along with Sony Pictures, tweeted to clarify that the film centres around LGBT characters.

In a statement, the company added, ” “We’re looking into this now and our page for the film remains the same as it has for months.”


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