Vickey Curtis: A Note to the Man Who Punched Me at 2am


Vickey Curtis writes an open letter to the man who punched her in the face four times for being a queer woman.


This past weekend, Vickey Curtis posted a photo on Facebook of the injuries she sustained when she challenged a man on his misogynistic and homophobic verbal abuse in Dublin on Sunday morning.

After being called “feminist fecker”, “faggot”, and ultimately being violently attacked – she shared her story to highlight that misogyny and homophobia is still prevalent in post-referendum Ireland.


Exclusively on The Outmost, she writes an open letter to her attacker.



How are you? My face is black and blue and the swelling on my eyes has finally receded. My ego is still very much in tact, something a few punches and hate filled words will not affect – because I am a proud queer woman. 


Are you proud? Proud of the rapey language you used toward me and my friends, proud of the homophobic slurs that came out of your mouth? I am still a proud queer woman – you will not change me. 


Have you ever heard of respect? Respect for women walking home minding their own business. Respect for your mother. Respect for your sister. Are they proud of you?


I am a proud gay woman and you won’t change me – but I hope in some way this might change you. I hope that you woke up on Sunday morning and questioned who you are, like the way you made me question myself for a brief moment, whilst holding an ice pack to my face, before I realised that I am still a proud queer woman.


Have you ever felt threatened? I feel it all the time, from men like you who feel the urge to degrade and demean us women, us queers. Anger is too a strong a word, pity though, that’s what I feel for you and your friends who feel they can do this to us.


Have you ever had hope in your life? Hope for a time that a woman will actually take down her pants because you demand so. I hope she never does, I hope she says ‘no’ to you too. I hope the men in your life start telling you to stop asking.


Did you think you were stronger than me when you threw your fist at my face? Well you don’t know me, you don’t know the people who make me strong. My fellow women, my fellow queers and the lovely men in my life whom I love dearly. You will not change us.


I have love and light in my life, and perhaps you have some in yours too.
I am a proud queer woman and you will not change me.




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