WATCH: Victoria Beckham Vogue Video Hilariously Rips The Spice Girls

The tongue-in-cheek video poses as a behind the scenes look at Beckham's self styled photo shoot.

Victoria Beckham in a leather catsuit posing for a photoshoot

Victorie Beckham continues to prove her deadpan comedy skills in this sly new video from British Vogue.

Titled Victoria Beckham: A Decade Of Elegance, it shows the former Posh Spice, or Most Likely To Scupper A Reunion Tour Spice, being invited by the iconic fashion magazine to style a photoshoot. A poised Beckham elaborates: “We are shooting a cover story celebrating the rich and inspiring history of one of the most enduring style icons of all time. Me. Victoria Beckham.”

The Editor-In-Chief along with the Fashion Director begin by introducing the shoot as a celebration of ten years of Victoria’s style label. “It’s evolved, it’s modern, it’s minimal, it’s stylish,” they say, before Posh emerges wearing all her gaudy old tat from the days of Spice.

To the slightly appalled and disappointed reactions of the people from the magazine, an oblivious Victoria tells the camera: “This is where two fashion forces join to make something really quite incredible. This really is where two become one.”

The rest of the video is a series of Spice lyrics, rotten old costumes, fashion faux pas and a committed performance from Beckham, failing to comprehend Vogue want a celebration of her clothing brand and not her pop past.

No stranger to the pages of Vogue, Beckham’s desert dry wit also featured in one of their 73 Questions videos. And if you haven’t seen the parody of that online, get on it quick.

Vogue are proving themselves to be adept at this blend of initially serious, yet decidedly witty video advertising. The Margot Robbie’s Beauty Routine Is Psychotically Perfect video is all kinds of fantastic, moreso if you’ve seen or read American Psycho on which it’s based.

With videos like this, it seems the iconic fashion magazine may start attracting a new type of follower – fans of deadpan comedy.

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