Here's why the viral hashtag #BisexualMenExist is important

Bisexual men from across the world and their supporters are using the hashtag to spread positivity in light of a recent surge in biphobia.

Vaneet Mehta who started the #BisexualMenExist tag and Love Is Blind star Carlton Morton

This Tuesday #BisexualMenExist trended across Twitter as many used the hashtag to speak out about the erasure and mistreatment of bisexual men, even within the LGBT+ community. Vaneet Mehta started the tag and encouraged others to retweet the hashtag along with a picture of themselves to promote positivity with the community after the large amounts of biphobia towards bi men he noticed recently.

GCN reached out to Vaneet who explained that the hashtag was spawned out of the growing biphobia aimed at Bi men after the airing of an episode of the reality show ‘Love Is Blind’. The show is a “social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person.”

The episode that spurred Vaneet to start the hashtag saw one of the couples, Carlton and Diamond, get into a turbulent argument after Carlton came out as bisexual to his new fiancée. Carlton’s brave move to come out to Diamond however backfired and she simply couldn’t accept the news and accused him of potentially being unfaithful and “playing the victim”. What’s more, many people on Twitter agreed with Diamond and took her side in the situation. Vaneet felt that even though Diamond was in the wrong, Carlton shouldn’t have lashed out the way he did.

After seeing the overwhelming number of biphobic responses, Vaneet decided something needed to be done and started #BisexualMenExist to raise awareness as well as promote positivity within the community.

“It’s important because bisexual men are often labelled as “secretly gay” and erased. Our sexuality isn’t seen as valid. It’s often why bisexual men don’t come out and have worse mental health than gay men,” Vaneet explained.

Many bisexual men took to Twitter to tweet under the hashtag.

With some people even using the tag as an opportunity to come out!

While others took to the #BisexualMenExist in a show of support.

Vaneet expressed his joy at the positive outcome from the tag saying: “The response has been incredible!! I couldn’t even imagine that so many people would see it, let alone have it trending!! I’m so glad that I managed to touch people and help them! A few people even came out! It was beautiful and uplifting and a positive way to fight back against the biphobia!” 

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